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Apr 30, 2011 02:15 PM

The Big Cheese, new on The Cooking Channel

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    1. re: HillJ

      thanks for posting - I didn't even realize this show was on, will def check it out!

    2. Sadly another over the top goofball host sticking his nose and fingers into everything and generally acting like...some who would never appeal to my older demographic

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      1. re: WWFeldman

        WWF, after one episode you can size the host up that quickly? Clearly you focused on the host more than the content of the cheese makers...we must have been watching different programs.

        1. re: HillJ

          To me the host distracted from the content by his clowning. His hamming got old for me real quick. And you know cheese is usually pretty smelly stuff; one can generally get a good idea of the aroma without sticking a nose directly into the product...which he seemed to constantly do.

          Call me an old fart HillJ...cuz I am, but yes, his court jester approach to the show is not my cup of tea. I might give it one more try, but I did have the chance to see the second episode last night and decided to pass.

          1. re: WWFeldman

            WWF, I'm not name calling, ha,! you are.. about yourself and the host.
            I'm trying to focus on the shows content, learn a few new things about cheese making.
            I wasn't distracted by the what the cheese makers had to share.

        2. re: WWFeldman

          I agree. I expected a **lot** more "Alton Brown" and a *****lot***** less "Tom Green" If that's his intended audience, I won't be back.

          If the host is truly passionate about cheese (and I suspect he is), I would love for him to share that passion with me by going into great detail about the chemistry and the what's, why's and how's. To find out a cheese tastes " slammin' " means nothing to me.

          Hopefully, this was his "demo reel" and he'll find his footing in later shows should the network pick it up.

          1. re: squirrelee

            To find out a cheese tastes " slammin' " means nothing to me.


            While that is a valid point, TASTING is about the only way to experience cheese and that isn't going to happen watching a television program either.

            I thought the point of the show was to highlight cheese makers, the cheese making process and the availability of cheeses for purchase. I'm not all that hung up on hosts unless the host is (in this case) making the cheese on camera.

            There are a few hosts who highlight the respected food visions/achievements of others and it's their job to bring attention to those folks. While I haven't found the host of The Big Cheese annoying in the least, my expectation and focus is on the cheesemakers being interviewed. I hope the show continues in that fashion.

        3. still haven't caught this show - considering all the comments, I will def try to dvr it next time it airs so I can see for myself!!! I hope it doesn't turn out to be similar to the Urban Grocer - great concept...God awful annoying host.

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          1. re: Gastro Travels

            GT, I look forward to reading your thoughts on the show.