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Apr 30, 2011 01:38 PM

Please help- first timer at Rivera tonight

My partner and I have reservations at Rivera tonight and I am still confused about the different rooms/menus.

When I read through the four menus on the web, the one I most like is the one that reads "dinner: conexiones"

But there is not a room called "conexiones", right?

Where do I order those items?


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  1. On the website, there is a phone number whereby you follow some prompts and you might get more explanation.(310.464.6884) But sitting at the counter where the appetizers are being created is a show unto itself, and I personally feel you get a superb show, great food, and can order as many or few of those conexiones as you and partner desire. Rivera's food is special, delicious, and seeing the creativity involved just makes the evening that much more special.

    Rivera Restaurant
    1050 S. Flower Street, #102, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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      Second carter's recs. We liked sitting at the counter for the same reasons. Feel free to ask those behind the counter what they're prepping, about the ingredients, etc. We found a couple of the staff very engaging and offered us some tastes as well.

    2. For me the simplest but best part was the homemade (but different) tortillas with avocado butter. Hope you had some.

      1. Thanks, everyone. We did end up eating at the Playa Bar BUT we were told upon entry that the menu is now consolidated and you can order any item in any room! :-)

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          good to know. there was confusion when i was there and i wrote it off. playa (not the bar but the new restaurant) sounds more interesting to me anyway.