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Apr 30, 2011 01:35 PM

Dinner for 8 next Saturday in Center City

Looking to find a good place for next Saturday night for a party of 8 where we will actually be able to hear each other. The four couples don't actually know each other nor do I know the food preferences of the other couples. So I'm thinking a place that is 'reasonably priced' with a variety of good food and also has good acoustics. Three of the couples are from the area but have not met and the fourth is from out of town and staying near Reading Terminal.

All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. That's a tough one without a little more information. What do you consider reasonably priced? Can you give us an approximate price for entree? Do they drink? Would they prefer byob? I'm thinking maybe Prime Rib because it's fairly quiet and the tables are spaced far apart. They have seafood choices too. At least a crabcake on the menu, if I remember correctly.

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      Thanks for the reply. Turns out one of the other 'locals' decided upon Upstares at Varalli.

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        It's been re-conceptualized as a gastropub and remodeled; it is now called Perch Pub Same owners but I think everything else is different. I haven't been there so I don't know what it's like.

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          Perch Pub is very casual, with a menu featuring mostly sandwiches with a few pub-type entrees. I've only been once, but really enjoyed what I had--the Jacob's Ladder short rib sandwich. There weren't too many good wine choices, but if everyone in your party prefers good beer or cocktails anyway, you will be okay.

          Another option might be The Corner, on the corner of 13th and Chestnut. Feels a little more upscale, but the menu is still reasonable.

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            Hmmm...I just googled Upstares at Varalli and there is an active website with menu and reservations option. I haven't been to that location in years but I remember the same restaurant owners had upstairs and downstairs. So maybe Perch Pub is in the downstairs and Upstares is upstairs? Anyone know?

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              Perch Pub is definitely upstairs.

    2. We've eaten at Perch Pub. Very casual, and you probably can talk there.
      The menu is online at There are about half a dozen mains, and a good choice of soups, salads, burgers, melts, etc. The salads looked quite nice.
      Some of us had the lobster roll, which I wouldn't recommend - we should have known it was too cheap to be a real lobster roll. More like a little lobster salad in a roll.
      But everything else was good. Next time I would order a burger, which seems to be their specialty.
      Your group should probably go downstairs to Varalli's. There is seating that would be good for a group of eight and you would be able to hear each other.

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