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Apr 30, 2011 01:32 PM

Spanish Beer in ATL?

i went to spain this past Summer with my father and while in Seville, Spain , we had a beer called CRUZCAMPO i loved it and would love to surprise him with a spanish inspired meal as a thank you. does anybody know where i can find this beer? i have already been to the dekalb farmers market, and many local package stores

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  1. Funny -- I remember almost all of the beer we drank in Spain when I studied abroad there as pretty terrible. Kind of the Busch Light of the European beer scene, but I don't remember trying Cruzcampo while I was there.

    I would try Total Wine -- they can also order stuff they don't have on their shelves.

    Edited to Add -- Apparently its a Heineken brand, so you may be able to find some through a better beer store contacting their distributors.