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Buttery Chardonnay?

I have always liked Concannon Chardonnay, but it seems they have changed and its more fruity now. I am looking for a Good Buttery Chardonnay. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you didn't already see it, there's a thread about three down from yours that has over 100 comments on buttery Chardonnay recs...


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      Yes I saw it, I have been reading about them. Only thing is I would like a good bottle, I am not looking for the cheapest. I tried the J Lohr arroyo seca--not too impressed.
      Thanks Kelly, I had posted this on the food side (i am new to the site) and Chow transfered it over here.

      1. In the "butter" category, I also like the Shafer Red Shoulders Ranch Chard. Big, not as "ripe fruit" driven, as Rombauer, and at slightly higher price-point. Personally, while I generally like Rombauer, I think that Kerner has been letting the grapes ripen a bit too much lately.



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          +1 Bill. I haven't gotten a real "butter effect" from Rombauer in quite a while. I tried a 2008 Cazar Chard last night that I would have called 'caramel-ly' but I think butter fans would like it. Cazar is a label of Chasseur, and Bill Hunter worked at Rombauer, so that could explain a butter connection. Pretty good choice for that profile in the low $20 range I thought.

          Someone should start a human/wine genome project to trace the 'genealogy' of California wine styles.

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            Caramely-ly and also butterscotch are different, than "butter" in my book. There can be some similarities, but not really that many.

            Not familiar with Cazar, but will keep an eye out for it.

            On a side note: wife loves butter, but hates butterscotch - go figure.



        2. Rombauer, Sonoma Cutrer, La Crema (2009, not 2008), for everyday drinking --J Lohr...

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              William Hill is a wonderful buttery Chard.....Drinking it right now...LOL

            2. Alpha Omega Chardonnay (not the unoaked). Is very hedonistic, but in balance and soft.

              1. I'll second the Frank Family recommendation. I'd also give Talbott a try.

                1. We've been drinking Sonoma-Cutrer since 1984...

                  1. l am a big fan of Hanzell, for me very buttery

                    1. It's pricy, but Far Niente is very buttery.

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                          I'd describe the Far Niente as creamy and opulent, but not buttery. The wine undergoes no malolactic fermentation so chemically there cannot be butteriness, but I do taste creaminess and roundness (from the new French oak barrels and sur lie aging) and a touch of butterscotch or toffee (from the French oak and ethyl alcohol). The fruit is of exceptionally high quality and contributes to the rich feel and taste. All those flavors together create something close to butteriness that still isn't butteriness.

                          1. re: maria lorraine

                            Far Niente - the Parkay of Chardonnay?

                      1. If you want a good bottle, I'd send you to
                        Marimar Torres -- opulent, and the Reserve is the most buttery I've tasted.
                        Franciscan -- regular release, not the Sauvage
                        Matanzas Creek -- mid-priced, good flavor

                        And, don't laugh at these suggestions for inexpensive drinking (though I know you are looking for something more high-end):
                        Gallo of Sonoma -- make sure it says Sonoma -- have often drunk this at a close friend's father's house, where it is the standard white open in the house. Very nice for what it is, and fine with certain foods.
                        Kendall Jackson Reserve Chardonnay
                        Meridian Santa Barbara


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                        1. re: maria lorraine

                          Yes, K-J might well be the "king of butter and sweetness," regarding domestic (US) Chards.

                          I think that Jess Jackson might have cornered "butter."


                        2. Hess is one of my favorites for a velvet, oak-y, buttery Chard.