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Apr 30, 2011 01:24 PM

Pate recipes

I need a good recipe for pate made with chicken livers. Can anyone recommend a recipe?


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    My best recommendation for chopped chicken liver (pate).

    1. Here is a classic french style Terrine de Foies de Volaille from Jacques Pépin courtesy of Food & Wine Simple easy and very good. I add a little Quatre épices or ground Clove as well. But additions are almost limitless.


        I have not made this myself but enjoyed this version of pate it at a dinner party. If you like pistachios and are open to a pate that is not as smooth in texture, this is another option.

        Enjoy & good luck, soccermom13

        1. I've used this recipe several times. Tastes wonderful. personally I like more pepper and brandy but it is a good base to riff upon

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            Oh my goodness, I am smacking myself on the side of the head and saying "DUH!" How did I not remember that pate tastes as good as it does because of all the fat in in? I need to boost my iron intake but I certainly don't need to boost my fat intake. I'm going to try the Russ and Daughters version because it has the least amount of fat. HillJ---do you really use veg shortening when you make this?

            Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate your responses.

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              Hi, yes I've sub'd the 2T of veg oil when rendered chicken fat wasn't avail to me. It's a small amt. and like you I watch my full fat intake.

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                A good friend had decided to try making pates at home with the thought of starting a business.

                One month later, she and her husband found that they had eaten very, very well and she had gained ten pounds and he had gained fifteen.