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Help me make homemade Malted Milk Powder

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I finally found malt powder (non-diastatic)yesterday and while it'll help me build a better bagel I'd also like to try making a proper Malted milk shake or the Malted Milk Chocolate Puddings and cakes I've seen on various blogs.

According to King Arthur's site, the Malted Milk Powder they sell consists of malt, milk powder, wheat and salt. My questions are: what do you think the ratio of milk powder:malt:wheat:salt is? And when they say "wheat" do they mean cake flour or??

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  1. Don't confuse malted milk powder (for milk shakes) with diastatic malt powder (for bagels and other breads). Diastatic malt powder is made by sprouting wheat berries, drying the sprouts, and grinding them. It's easily made at home. I don't know how malted milk powder is made. I don't think I've ever used it other than when I was working at a dairy bar.

    1. We've removed a few suggestions for packaged products. While we appreciate the helpful spirit in which those suggestions were offered, we try to keep this board focused on recipes and making it yourself. Please feel free to share your tips, tricks and recipes for making your own malted milk powder here, but if you'd like to launch another discussion of good brands of packaged malted milk products, please start a new discussion on the General Chowhounding Topics board. Thanks!

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          Isn't that interesting. I'm filing that with the "how to make diastatic malt powder" recipe (http://www.ehow.com/how_4620081_sprou...) so the grandkids and I can make malted milkshakes during their next visit. Thanks!