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Apr 30, 2011 12:31 PM

Partition off Chinese restaurant for wedding reception or go with ballroom & caterer?

I'm planning a wedding reception and having a really hard time finding a caterer. So much so that I'm thinking of switching locations and just doing it in a restaurant. So first off,

1) Is there any caterers in the LA/ Orange County area that will do a Chinese buffet AND bring glassware/ real chopsticks or forks etc??? Or does anyone know of a Chinese caterer besides Joy/Grace/Dragon/Hotel Banquet Catering that has decent prices (keep in mind the venue doesn't have a full kitchen- only a warming oven)?

1.5) I'm also open to non-Chinese food. Are there budget caters that can do a full service buffet with formal dinnerware (forks, knifes, glasses), tablecloths, and non pasta food for about $30-40 per person?


2) Has anyone done a Chinese banquet or been to one at a restaurant that was just in a partition area instead of a private room? What did you think of it?

I'm having only having about 70-100 guests and the restaurants I like are all for a lot more people. There is one restaurant in my area in particular that nice and offers banquet menus at a very reasonable price. BUT Im having a hard time imaging how it will be like with only a partition separating my reception with the rest of the restaurant's customers.

The partition is high enough so that you can't see people but it is obviously not a wall. It basically looks like a pretty room partition that you can buy for your house to just block the view. If anyone has gone to a reception like that, can you tell me if it bothersome for you or the other guests? was the rest of the restaurant too noisy during speeches and that sort of thing? There is a dance floor and the manager assured us that we can be as loud as we want on our side.

My finance's side is white and I'm pretty sure none of his family or even friends have attended a Chinese banquet so I'm not sure if they would be put off even more by the partition than my guests.
I want a pretty formal elegant reception... is that even possible with a partition like that?

If you made it all the way down here. Thanks!

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  1. Empress Harbour will give you the entire room (or restaurant) if you have a party of 100, or more. Another place that will give you the entire room is Happy Habour in Rowland Heights, again 100 or more if I recall correctly. In other words, if your banquet has at least 10 tables, they'll give you the entire room. 10 person per table is de rigeur.

    Give both of them a call and see what they say.

    I attended a partitioned off banquet at Ocean Star many years ago. It was fine b/c our wedding party was loud enough that it drowned out the din from the adjoining dining area.

    If you want to do the catering route, try Pearl Catering aka Lu Din Gee (and Duck House).

    Good luck.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Unfortunately I'm stuck in the Cerritos area as I already have some related deposits down. Even if I give it up, San Gabriel and Rowland Heights are too far from our ceremony site. :/

      I think I called Duck House a while ago and they don't do catering in my area. Too far for them.

    2. I've been to many partitioned banquets that have been fine, where the restaurant has a floor to ceiling partition. I've also dined at restaurants where other people have had their banquets without a full partition, and that does dilute the ambience. Have you checked out Furiwa's catering? Never attended one of their banquets, so I can't comment on the quality.

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      1. re: Chandavkl

        Yea. I wouldn't be so worried if it was a full floor to ceiling partition, but they don't have that.
        Furiwa's catering doesn't really work because our reception revenue isn't at a hotel and doesn't have a kitchen.

      2. Saw your post on the Knot too.

        Is the restaurant you're looking at Prince Seafood? I would guess that there area only so many places in the Cerritos area that will meet your requirements. I don't think a partition is a big deal, as long as the other side of the room is just normal customers vs. another wedding. Personally, I'd rather have decent food than no partition, and I think your chances are better for good food with restaurant banquet food vs. catering.

        Crowne Plaza in Fullerton apparently built a Chinese restaurant recently - that's closer to Cerritos than some of the other places mentioned here, but it's still 17 miles - don't know if that meets your distance or cost requirements, but just in case it helps.

        There are a lot of places in the SGV area that will let you use the whole main room for 8-10 tables (Elite, Lunasia come to mind).

        Prince Seafood
        11828 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703

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        1. re: will47

          No. I'm thinking of Great Harbor Seafood. It is not as nice as Prince but they have a newish dragon decor on the main wall that looks pretty good. Their $300-500 per table banquet menus includes chair cover and table cloths rentals and a dance floor so its a great price.

          Prince Seafood doesn't work for me bc it requires $9000 for just food to get the upstairs area on Saturdays. I have a max of 10 tables, there's no way we can eat $900.

          Right now my decision is good food but not so great ambiance for a really good price or great ambiance but catered food (i'll prob just go with an American caterer to have more choices) for more money.

          Prince Seafood
          11828 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703

        2. ns2003,


          I had a similar scenario when I got married 15 months ago. I am white and my wife is Vietnamese.

          We ended up doing our reception at Diamond Seafood Palace - corner of Lampson and Beach in Graden Grove ( ).

          We were VERY happy with the meal and the overall service. Plus, the size of the restaurant is about right for your needs. You most likely could get the whole place to yourself. Our party was 120 - 130 people and it worked great.

          One other point - it is crucial in my opinion to get a good MC to host your event. This makes a huge difference.

          Good luck!


          Seafood Palace
          11752 Beach Blvd, Stanton, CA 90680

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          1. re: HB_Jeff


            The pictures of Diamond Seafood look really good! But their menu link doesn't work. Do you mind saying what the price range per table is for their banquets? Do you know if they let you BYO alcohol?

            A great DJ/MC is one of the things we already got done thankfully!

          2. We had just about that amount and a private room at Mission 261. It was perfect and both our families enjoyed it (His Irish and Mine Mexican), plus the whole area is very lovely near the Mission... VERY intersection of LA


            Mission 261 Restaurant
            261 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776