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Apr 30, 2011 12:28 PM

Mussles????? Prince Edward Island vs Long Island Cultured (grown on a rope)

I'.ve been seeing both in the local markets here on Long Island any suggestions ??? Thanks

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  1. Doubt you will find much difference. The PEIs are also farmed. They should both be fairly cheap buy half one and half the other and do a side by side see which you prefer. Or ask your monger which is fresher, he should be able to show you a tag that tells you when they were harvested.

    1. One time that I bought LI mussels from a Bklyn farmers market they were significantly plumper and tastier than PEI from a fine fish store. Another time there was no difference. I don't know what sort of factors account for variability but what I'd at first thought was a slam-dunk winner now seems to be just a crap shoot.

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        Age, spawning cycle, water temp and a myriad of other factors could all be culprits.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I just don't like the long, rectangularish green ones (whatever they are), anything else is OK with me.

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          1. re: arktos

            arkos, I agree the "Green lip mussels from New Zealand and maybe Australia frozen then slacked out before sale in most seafood markets, are not anywhere near as tasty as the Black Mussels, wild, Italy, or farmed in North America.