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Apr 30, 2011 10:33 AM

stove top grills

Do these stove top grills really give a grill taste. They do seem to give nice grill marks.

Now what brand or type would you recommend. I live in Wisconsin and there are days that the kitchen is prefered to the outdoors.

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  1. They don't compare to grilling over a live fire of wood, but they do in a pinch. I have a cast iron grill pan that I make panini in and use in a pinch. Absolutely stay away from the non stick grill pans.

    1. The work about the same for things that you were going to put on a gas grill, and if you make a smokey mess in your kitchen, they flavor is even close. But no -- they do not give the same flavor as wood or charcoal or a smoker. I think they work fine for things that need the grilled texture, but depend on marinades for flavor.

      I use the LC grill pan as well as a cast iron one that does not have a coating. No difference in the flavor or texture once you learn how to use each.

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        I echo rasputina and RGC, not bad, but no sub for the real thing. I ended up using it maybe once a year, I'd rather stand outside in a blizzard or hurricane really.

        grill marks are about all it does (ok beyond not cooking in a fat)