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asia market in tampa - looking for shirataki noodles

I want to try these - both gluten and carb free so I want to see if I like them, but don't know where a large asian market is. I actually live close to usf so I suspect something is close by but I am relatively new here. Willing to travel to tampa, brandon and new tampa.

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  1. Oceanic Market is just north of downtown -- and if they don't have it, nobody will.

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    1. i buy shirataki noodles at my local Publix!

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        I have also seen them at several different Publix locations in Hillsborough County. Also- Whole foods has a few different brands of them and I believe they are a dollar or two cheaper per package than Publix.

      2. Have you tried MD Oriental? There is a location off of Fowler Ave and there is one in Brandon kind of tucked away near Old Time Pottery and First Choice BBQ in the shopping center with the Home Depot of State Road 60 just west of I-75.

        There is also the Brandon Oriental Market off of Pauls Drive. Its behind Denny's on State Road 60/Adamo Drive.

        1. They have them at Rollin Oats on Cypress and MacDill (which also has kelp noodles BTW).

          1. I bought them before and they are really awful. I rinsed and rinsed them and cooked them a little extra and no matter what could not find them to be worth the money. They have a strange smell and after taste to me.

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              huh. maybe was a bad batch? we've made them a half dozen times, rinsed, let dry a bit, tossed in as a replacement for Pad Thai noodles, thought they were great!

            2. The ones I saw in publix had tofu - I heard they were the chewy weird texture so I will try the OCEANIC AND md ORIENTAL this week. I saw lots with tofu but want angel hair konjac root

              1. This might be a stupid question, but here goes. I'm assuming the reason you guys are buying this type of noodles would be due to dietary restrictions (need gluten free)? I'm just wondering why you're searching for a gluten free, carb free noodle unless you can't tolerate gluten and must eat gluten free items.

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                  kemp- for me it's because pasta is the devil and is super calorie-dense. Shirataki noodles and kelp noodles are negligible when it comes to calories.

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                    me too. it's not perfect, but it's a good alternative.

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                    BTW, has anyone tried Quinoa noodle? I tried it for the first time last night and I must say, they are pretty good.

                  3. Thanks for the shirataki tip! I'll have to keep an eye open for them and try out some different recipes.

                    1. thanks - the gluten thing is costly in trial and error. On the shirataki noodles, some have tofu and I don't want to try those,. the ones I am looking for at pur konjac root - a resource of nutrition with no carbs or calories.