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Apr 30, 2011 08:58 AM

Thick or thin gelatin?


I was just wondering if anyone out there knew the differences between thick and thin gelatin? I really love to bake and I have a small stash of gelatin sheets bought from Domino's at St. Lawrence Market. I'm heading to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks and I found a store over there that will sell Gelita's gelatin by the box (1 kg) but they come in 200pc (thick) or 400pc (thin). I'm not sure which one I should go for in terms of using it to make mousses and stuff.

I wish I knew the difference but the shop's online store only has thumbnails, which shows Gelita's silver-grade gelatin.

If anyone out there's willing to share their knowledge on gelatin thickness with me, that'd be highly appreciated. Thank you!

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

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  1. I would assume by your description that the thick sheets are double the thin ones. 1k = either 200 or 400 sheets.
    I do not think I have ever seen thick sheets. All my recipes i have ever used must have meant the thin sheets because they turn out, if I was using only half the amount needed nothing would have set.

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    1. re: chefj

      I think I figured it out. 200PC per box is the Titanium grade and 400PC per box is the Silver grade. Which leads to the ultimate question, which grade is better?

      1. re: shockinblue

        Well by advertising alone the titanium ( - ; Are you doing some sort of competition cooking? If not I would think that the bronze or silver would be fine.

        1. re: chefj

          For some reason Titanium is being sold at 209 HKD ($25.45 CAD) per kg whereas Silver is going for 242.30 HKD ($30 CAD). I've read an article where a sheet of either sets 250ml of water, but it takes 3 sheets of Gold to set the same amount of water. So really, is Titanium better than Silver? And no, I'm not doing competition cooking, just usual cake-making. There's lot of mousses, gelees and such I'd like to try making over the summer. :)

          1. re: shockinblue

            if it is the same strength, cheaper is better.

            1. re: chefj

              I think I'll go for Silver because really, 400 pc of Titanium would cost me 418. Thanks for all your help though.