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Apr 30, 2011 08:41 AM

Great places for a picnic lunch?

OK, here's a question for you:

Where's the best place for a picnic lunch in the Philly area (city or suburbs), bringing your own food?

And of those places, what would be the most romantic?

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  1. If you're out in Chester County, Longwood Gardens has a nice picnic area on Conservatory Road. You don't need to pay the admission price to use the picnic area). Also, you can go out to VaLa Vineyards in Avondale, get a bottle of their wine and picnic there.

      1. I like the tileworks in Doylestown. There are picnic tables, very nice mens and ladies rooms (locked at fourish I think, and after you can stroll around Fonthill Castle grounds and even venture into mercer woods.

        1. Peace Valley Park!. Picnic Tables, Lake, 2 local wineries ( Tabora Farms and Peace Valley Winery)

          1. Believe it or not, we LOVE Laurel Hill Cemetery for picnics, views, and general seclusion. There are many romantic views over the river, either looking towards Manayunk or towards Center City. The volunteers at the gatehouse are unfailingly enthusiastic and helpful - if you stop in there, they will give you a map and direct you to the most scenic overlook. There is so much there that is beautiful and fascinating - it's not even remotely creepy, especially on a sunny day.

            It gets crowded on the weekends, but Belmont Plateau (or above it, at the Belmont Mansion) has stunning views of the city. Lemon Hill, also in Fairmount Park, overlooks the river and the Art Museum. The grounds of the Horticultural Center are beautiful, free, and there is a long pool with fountains that's lovely to sit by. We're usually there on weekdays so of course it would be very quiet then, but even on weekends it seems to be more of a "hidden gem" kind of place aside from festivals.

            Hope this helps!