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Apr 30, 2011 07:53 AM

Any great recipes for morel mushrooms?

My hubby just brought me an entire pillowcase full....I've never cooked with them before. Any wonderful suggestions?

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  1. whoa that's a serious amount, hope he's a good mycologist. use them soon or freeze/dry. just a simple saute in butter or EVOO and a bit of garlic or shallot is glorious. they have a delicate flavor so don't pair them with anything that might overpower them, keep it simple and direct.

    1. Mmmmm. Love them chopped/sauteed then made into an omlette with good blue cheese. A good way to use a LOT of them is to sautee in BUTTER , then add chicken broth & white wine. Simmer until reduced a bit. Add a little grated nutmeg and black pepper. Put thin slices (either pounded or sliced in half horizontally) of chicken breasts in a buttered pan and top with the morel sauce. Bake at 350 about 25 mins. or until done. Serve over rice.
      Another way is to have them on pizza. Use a whole wheat pizza crust. Top with a brush of olive oil, sauteed morels, blue cheese (we like Stilton), and walnut pieces, then bake as usual. That's what we're having for dinner tomorrow!

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        Anne: chicken and rice would be good, personally I'd shy away from the cheese and nutmeg (but that's me) to elaborate on my post I wouldn't use them with beef or pork, may as well use a year-round supermarket thing for those - why waste a seasonal treat on that? using them in a risotto or Alfredo-ish white sauce pasta sounds good. are haricot verts showing up yet?

        1. re: hill food

          I find that a touch of cured pork - maybe a little bit of prosciutto or Jamon Serrano - plays nicely with morels. But it should be an accent, not the focus of the dish. A little fresh thyme is nice, too. A while back I had a dish of sautéed morels topped with a poached egg - not a combination that would have occurred to me, but it worked well.

          1. re: alanbarnes

            I can see a little Serrano, that would be good, I was trying to warn away from a dish like stroganoff or some such.

          1. this is a first-class case of Keep It Simple, Sugar.

            Sauteed in butter and garlic is the best.

            A old friend used to make a very light, simple beer batter and fry them.

            With that many, you could make an ethereal cream of mushroom soup.

            There's a *stellar* mushroom ragout in the '97 version of Joy of Cooking.

            1. I do nothing more than saute in butter with s&p. One of the food gods greatest gifts.