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Apr 30, 2011 05:14 AM

Saigon Spring - Clifton Park

It appears to be open now. Has anyone tried it yet?

Saigon Spring
1683 Rte 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was there opening day for take-out and commented elsewhere:

      Initial reaction is good and promising.

      The Summer Rolls, both shrimp and vegetarian, are equal to or better than others served in our area. The peanut and vegetarian sauces provided with each were excellent.

      The Grilled Pork over steamed rice had a good grilled flavor, although like many places, the flavor seemed more like a gas grill than a charcoal or wood grill flavor. Â The nuoc cham dipping sauce was good, not overly sweet, fishy or salty. Â I believe it was the vinegar in this sauce that was the predominate aroma as I drove home with these dishes as take-out.

      I'm looking forward to trying additional items on their menu. I hope they will eventually offer some specials that are not the typical dishes found on the everyday American-Vietnamese restaurant menus.

      Atmosphere is very casual with a large open space eating area. Â There are some booths along one wall with tables throughout the rest of the area. Â There is also a sectioned off dining area, with cutouts in the dividing wall to the main dining area, that could seat maybe 12 to 16 people in a more secluded environment.

      Note: They are still awaiting their beer and wine license.

      I returned with my wife last week and added to my above comments as follows:

      Still Good, Very Promising.

      Being a big duck fan I may have found the half crispy roasted duck more enjoyable than other commenters. Excellent flavors in the herbed, crispy skin and the meat was moist and flavorful. The gingered fish sauce is sweet and goes great with the white rice.

      The crab and shrimp stuffed chicken wings (3 of them) were great with the nuoc cham. My wife continues to enjoy their vegetarian summer rolls.

      Shredded tofu and broad rice noodles was another tasty dish. It was nice to see that braised gluten was added to the tofu for additional flavor and texture. Mushrooms, carrots and a vegetarian sauce completed this dish of rice noodles. It was a very large portion and just as enjoyable the next day.

      We also found free Wi-Fi available.

      It was good enough for us to plan on returning to try more dishes. I want to try the Pho Ga to compare it with My Linh's or Van's. My standard has been My Linh's.

      Try it, fisher, and let us know what you think.

      Saigon Spring
      1683 Rte 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065

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      1. re: Roger K

        SO had lunch at Saigon Spring recently and said it was okay. I'll see if I can get more details. . .

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          Tried the Pho Ga this past week and was very pleased. The most noticeable difference with My Linh's version is Saigon's use of chicken stock instead of beef stock. Only had Pho Ga once at Van's years ago and decided I liked My Linh's better.

          My wife wanted a vegetarian bun dish but none was listed on the menu. Our server suggested substituting tofu in one of the listed bun dishes and thought it would taste good. My wife said it was delicious and asked how to order it in the future. Our server said she was certain to be there in the future and would remember.

          Saigon Spring recently issued a press release explaining their relationship to Van's in Albany.

          Our server may have been the owner, Hong Nguyen. I'll have to ask the next time we're there.

          My Linh
          272 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY 12209

          Saigon Spring
          1683 Rte 9, Clifton Park, NY 12065

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Went for lunch. Service was very good. We had the summer rolls. Generous portion of 4 rolls filled with shrimp, mint and rice. SO had beef pho and I had chicken with lemongrass and vegetables (peppers & onions) and a carrot/cucumber garnish, w. rice. The chicken was cooked perfectly. Dish needed salt. Also had Thai iced teas. SO is a tea drinker and noticed the quality of the jasmine was not that good. My experience with Vietnamese food is quite limited (summer rolls in Chinatown, never been to Viet Nam) and I have not been to My Linh's or Van's.

        2. We're planning to go this weekend. I will report back afterwards.
          And as a bonus, has a 50% off deal! I guess that means we can order twice as much food -- haha !!!

          This link will take you to the deal. It's only good til the end the end of the day today.

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          1. re: fisher

            The restaurant recently posted an apology on their Facebook page for a problem with service. A reviewer on Yelp mentioned an hour wait for their Pho. Our experience has been very good on each visit but we've dined on weekdays.

          2. Went for dinner tonight (5:45 on a Sunday). The place was about half full with happy looking patrons.

            We all really love Van's in Albany so that is our standard for comparison. We tried two appetizers: pork&shrimp spring rolls and vegetarian summer rolls. Both were well prepared items that we enjoyed and would order again.

            All three of us ordered bowls of Pho Bo. That is a dish that we adore at Van's and have had in many cities. I don't think we have ever had a bowl that we thought was bad. Until now. Even though we were all very hungry we were disappointed in the Pho and would not order it again. The broth was weak and one dimensional, and the meat was fatty.

            The other entrees that were coming out of the kitchen looked nice and the other patrons seemed happy. We were split on whether we would go back. My husband says no, just keep Vietnamese as a special treat and drive to Van's. My son and I decided we would be willing to go again and try an entree but agreed that driving an extra 25 minutes to Van's is well worth the trouble.

            1. I noticed that the SLA approved their application for their beer and wine license on 7/28/11. On their FaceBook page they say " Our vision is to pair Vietnamese cuisine with Belgium beer and riesling-driven wine list. "

              I'm looking forward to finding out which Belgian beers they are offering.