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Apr 30, 2011 02:57 AM

Gone Hungry Lately?

I think in the modern world we eat way too much for our own good. I am a firm believer food taste better when you are really hungry. One time I didn't have time to eat lunch and the office ordered Pizza Hut at five PM and I ate the extra large 18 incher all by myself, and it still the best pizza I ever had. Then there was this one time we went camping and after eating pork and beans for a few days when we got off the mountain we went straight to Marie Callender's and I had the Frisco Burger with mash and that's the best burger I have ever had. I wonder in the last 18 months anyone here ever went hungry for the day, then what did you eat afterwards? What did it taste like?

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  1. Not in my experience, I often end up not eating for about a day and a half, most recently this happened 2 daya ago. From what I can tell, a crappy grilled chicken is still a crappy grilled chicken.

    1. i don't feel good when i've gone more than a few hours without eating, so i typically eat many snacks throughout the day and never get too hungry or too full. i find it much easier to not overeat and do something like finish an entire pizza at once. and everything tastes great!

      1. I remember a few years ago and I tried that awful cabbage diet. After a few days you are allowed a potato. I am pretty sure that no other potato had ever tasted as good as that thing.

        I do think you appreciate food in general when you are truly hungry for it. I think of times like at Xmas or other indulgent holidays when I tend to eat more than I ever would at home and you rarely feel really hungry. Sure, all the food is really good, but it doesn't always have the same wow factor as when your belly grumbles for it.

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          I believe going hungry on purpose is a human experience we should all partake once in awhile. I center us, it remind us we are animals, we will go for food no matter what, it defines us, we are a being that lives to eat, and eat to live. I went on a salad only thing for lunch for three days, I can tell you I can not wait for dinner to roll around. I was so excited, even for a crappy grilled chicken leftover from last night, but a little butter, spread a little miso, a dash of garlic and paprika, wow, what's not to love?

        2. A long time ago I spent the weekend in jail (its a long story) and for breakfast was served runny instant eggs with watery coffee, and for the other two meals a paper bag containing an apple and a baloney and cheese sandwich, and the baloney had this greenish hue.

          I have never complained about a meal since.

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            I think for all foodies, they should try going hungry on propose at least once a month. I was in Jakarta during Ramadan one time and I was invited to joint them in fasting until dinner time, I can tell you that oxtail soup I had I can still remember the smell as it came to the table, too much pepper for my taste but who cares, it was the best soup I have ever had. Going hungry for 24 hours brought the animal out of me.

          2. I've just started to get hungry again before breakfast after two years of illness. I do tend to nibble throughout the day and spend alot of time making new and different dishes. I read Chowhound and food blogs to up my appetite and get ideas. I do get cravings for certain fast food items every now and then, though!