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Apr 30, 2011 02:44 AM

Help cooking steaks?

hi all,

Im new to chow hound and im hoping my fellow members could help me out. I have these thin cut eye of round steaks and i honestly do not know how to cook them?! I am on this very strict diet so in terms of marinade i can only use spices with very very little to no sodium, lemon juice and, minimal oil. How could i marinate these steaks? and how would i go about cooking them? should i grill them? bake them in the oven?

I am looking for the healthiest and least fattest method of marinating and cooking these steaks as per my diet.

(by the way i chose eye of round as i was told they are the leanest cut)

Thanks in advance everyone!

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    1. Eye of round is one of the worst cuts money can buy. I would suggest sirloin if you want something lean, inexpensive and tasty.

      1. ^
        Ahem! Since eye round is what you have, let's keep on topic and not send you out to the store.1
        Grill it. Light evoo, s&p, garlic powder, chili powder. Or evoo, red wine vinegar, oregano. You get the idea.
        It's best served med. rare and not cooked to death, that will dry it out. No, it's not hangar steak or a rib eye, but do your best!
        For a leaner cut that has taste and moisture, and is cheap, next time try flank steak or London broil. You gotta have *some" taste!

        1. That's too bad that your replies have been pretty few in number, but I hope you're finding some satisfaction. Most marinations and also stir fry recipes (usually a good option with very lean beef) will depend on saltiness at some point or other. And if minimal fat is your concern, then I think you might better avoid beef altogether. Shrimp and squid are lean, fast, and relatively cheap proteins.

          All that said, I'll second monavano's suggestions above for this beef cut.

          Down the road, vinegars might be your new friend as to seasoning and replacing some salt effects.

          You might be able to find a relatively low-sodium Sauerbraten recipe, for example, if you find yourself looking at a big hunk of round roast soon. That's mainly vinegar, wine/beer, and spices. Not an everyday thing, though, as it takes days to marinate.

          1. About the only palatable thing to do with thin eye round steaks is chicken fried steak (CFS) with cream gravy, but that sort of defeats the purpose for which you bough them in the first place.