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Apr 29, 2011 09:12 PM

Guu's Frozen Grapes?

Typing this while I eat some grapes I threw in the freezer an hour ago. They're not the same *sniff*. Anyone know what kind of grapes they use? They looked like regular red grapes to me, and the waiter said they were just frozen...

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

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  1. I think you just have to wait longer than an hour... Maybe 24h? At any rate, an hour doesn't seem long enough. I'm pretty sure they're just regular grapes!

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      That's what I thought too, but the texture seems a bit off. They were completely frozen when I pulled them too; I figured it was easier to wait 5 min at a time to thaw then to have to keep putting them back in the freezer. Maybe I'll try muscat grapes because they have that gooey (Guu-y?) texture to them...

    2. The best grapes I've tried for frozen grapes are the Muscat variety which seems to be widely available this year (it's sweeter than the usual red-green-black). If you leave it in for 3 hours it will probably be frozen absolutely solid. It's better if you let it thaw just a little bit so you get a thin shell of sweet liquid with ice in the center.

      I haven't tried it yet but it must work great with those ontario blue grapes - I think they are called "Coronation" grapes.

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        It does work really well with Coronation grapes... I freeze a ton of them every summer and eat them throughout the year!