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Feb 4, 2006 09:05 PM

Sunday breakfast/brunch in Santa Monica

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Any suggestions for breakfast or brunch in casual atmosphere with great food in Santa Monica besides 17th Street Cafe. Wouldn't mind being close to Main or the Pier. Any advice would help.

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  1. We like:
    1) The Rose Cafe on Rose and Main in Venice.
    2) The Bread and Porridge on Wilshire near 24th.
    3) Rutt's on Washington Blvd just East of Centinella Blvd.

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    1. re: Ralph

      Love the Rose Cafe for Brunch- great eggs benedict

    2. Been awhile since i lived on the west side, but try:

      Shutters (fancy)
      Omelette Parlour (on Main)
      Rose Cafe (off Main, Venice)
      Firehouse (on Main, Venice)
      Broadway Deli (Promenade)

      John O' Groats is well known & well liked, but it's on Pico, more in West L.A.

      I'm sure there's others that's sprouted up lately, but these are the standards.

      1. Bread and Porridge is great, but my favorite breakfast/brunch place in SM in Jinkey's on 2nd st. Also Jack and Jills is delicious! Enjoy!

        1. I think the best option is 3 Square Bakery & Restaurant on Abbot Kinney. Great baked goods, great menu, great location. Last Saturday, I had their muesli and it was outstanding. When I don't want to eat for the rest of the day, I go with their weisswurst platter with a pretzel roll on the side. I get so excited that I start speaking German...

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          1. re: glutton

            I was also there last Saturday and it was fantastic as always. Although, as a side note, we were there with my one-year-old niece and 3 Square doesn't have high chairs which I found sort of odd for lowkey place on Abbott Kinney. I love the ham and cheese panini with two eggs over easy and we always get the bread basket (comes with homemade rasberry jam and plugra!) to share for the table too.

            I also really like Rose Cafe, as mentioned above, and Cora's.

            1. re: mollyomormon

              I think you were at the table behind me... In the past I have seen children sitting on booster seats, which isn't the same as a high-chair, but it at least accommodates some of the little ones.

              1. re: glutton

                We were the ones with the little blonde toddler. Actually, platypusj from the boards was at our table as well! Hopefully my niece didn't disturb you too much and thanks for the advice re the booster seats. That'll be great to know if they come back to visit soon LA when she's a little bigger.

          2. - 3 Squares & Joe's (though both are technically Venice, it's a nice walkable distance from Rose Cafe)
            - Brentwood's Coral Tree Cafe
            - Border Grill has an interesting Latin spin on the brunch menu