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Apr 29, 2011 06:12 PM

Growing Jerusalem Artichokes

Has anyone tried growing their own jerusalem artichokes? Something tells me its easy. Can I plant the ones that I buy in the market? They have nice flowers but considered a weed in meadows. Looking for any input, thanks.

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  1. A friend's family grew them. She said they were very invasive and they were never able to get rid of them. Just a little root left in the ground will be enough to do it, according to her.

    Scared me enough that I've never tried!

    1. Yes, you can plant the market chokes and yes, they definitely will spread. Plant them somewhere you won't mind them taking over. If you have to limit their range, line the edges of their intended bed with sheet metal or other impermeable, long lasting barrier down to about 8".

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        I've put barriers down 12" and it does the job well. They grow and spread quickly! I do the same for my bamboo plants - and get excellent shoots in the spring for eating.