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Apr 29, 2011 05:14 PM

A week in Stuttgart, Germany


I'll be spending a week in Stuttgart for conference and would love some dining recommendations. The conference is taking place in the Haus der Wirtschaft. Our group will be willing to travel a bit but anything nearby that location would be great to know about.

We'll mostly need dinner and lunch recommendations, though knowing about a few bars or pubs would be good, too.

Any regional specialties that should be sought after?

We're adventurous eaters and open to most any suggestion.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. While I can't actually recommend a single resto in Stuttgart, some regional specialties you should try:

    spätzle, maultaschen, white asparagus, the regional white and red wines.

    1. try restaurant Wielandshoehe ( for excellent regional food and beautiful views of Stuttgart (please note: reservations well in advance!)

      1. "Hirsch" in Bebenhausen (near Tübingen) is pretty good, however it's probably too far away.


        1. Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to adventure about.

          One day I did duck away and find a beer garden in a local park. That was really nice. I'm pretty sure this was it:

          Another evening we ended up at the Calver Eck Brau:
          Had a really nice time there, enjoying their house brewed beer and local specialties.