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Apr 29, 2011 04:41 PM

Olive & Kickin' - Asheville

Anyone been there yet? Or heard anything about it?

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  1. I went in recently as I was excited to see it was a balsamic and olive oil shop. It's cute however I was looking for antico balsamic...they sell 'flavored balsamic's' which I'm sure are great. I just like the 50 year old stuff!

    1. I've seen it, but haven't been in.

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        I bought a small bottle of olive oil infused with blood orange--fantastic in salad dressings and on roasted vegetables (a little feta cheese sprinkled on top makes it even better!)

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          Just picked up Mother's Day gifts there. Picked out a selection of 3 different oils, 1 Spanish, 1 Greek and one walnut infused. Fair prices that I can't remember off the top of my head, very friendly and helpful staff. We caught them right around closing time so it wasn't too busy; I don't know how much traffic their getting.

          They're about to add a selection of chiles and spices, along with recipes and online ordering on their website. Cool store, I hope they draw a crowd.

      2. It's offical, I'm obsessed with this place. Its cute, calming and very clean. I had a great time tasting just about everything in the store, the staff was friendly and very knowledgeable.

        I went in for a Mothers Day gift and came out with 2 oils and 2 vinegars. They have AMAZING flavored balsamics. I tried a vanilia, espresso and dark chocolate. All of these would have been amazing over ice cream or a great marinade. I also bought a Persian Lime olive oil and Coconut White Balsamic for the Mothers Day gift. For myself, I bought the Ginger Honey White Balsamic and Sesame olive oil.
        The owner had several bottles of oil and vinegar flavor combos I samples as well. After trying the GInger Honey/ Sesame combo, I went straight to Fresh Market and picked up Ahi Tuna and pineapple. Tonight we are having seared tuna with ginger honey/ sesame pineapple salsa, but I digress. Anyway, go there! You will be very happy!

        Fresh Market
        4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

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          I haven't seen this place, but it sounds similar to a spot in Charleston. Since I discovered tangerine balsamic vinegar, i haven't put anything else on my everyday salads. I love the stuff. And the orange olive oil goes on scrambled eggs and tomatoes and bread (not at the same time.)