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Apr 29, 2011 04:13 PM

where to find irradiated eggs for tiramisu

I'd like to make Tiramisu for my husband's birthday. It calls for several raw egg yolks and I'm aiming to make sure I don't kill my elderly father in law or make the little cousins sick to their tummies with bad eggs. Is there a source for irradiated eggs in the Southbay (preferably Mountain View, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbelll)? Thanks.

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  1. I'm not sure about irradiated eggs but it's pretty easy to pasturize eggs. What I've done in the past is bring eggs to room temp, heat pot of water to 160 F, add eggs and let sit 3 minutes. Use in your recipe. This should get rid of salmonella on the outside of the shell - you can do more elaborate pasturization to sterilize the inside - but my understanding is that most salmonella, unless you have really crappy eggs, is on the outside.

    A quick google search brings up this:

    which seems similar.

    Most recipes I've seen cook the egg yolks when making the zabaglione sauce. How does your recipe work?

    Sorry for not answering the question.

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      Thank you for the tip! This technique will work for so many things.

      The recipes I'd been looking at were like this one where there is no cooking. Searching further, I noticed there were plenty of recipes that don't use eggs at all and so I was going toward that. I also noticed the recipes with the double boiler (which makes my lazy heart cringe)" authentic" zabaglione dealie. Now it is nearly 10 PM and I am still looking at the 8 million recipes for tiramisu on the web. Damn the internet!!!!

      Just in case anyone is looking for elusive lady fingers in April (many places, including Trader Joes, only carry them during Thanksgiving and Xmas) there are two different brands of them imported from Italy in the Chinese supermarket on De Anza --- Maxim.

    2. I haven't purchased them, but I'm 99% positive Trader Joe's carries pasteurized eggs, which should serve your purpose for use in raw applications.

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        Checked all the eggs at my TJ's and none said pasturized. Several said free range, none said pastured. Best ask the managers.

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          Thanks for checking out the possibilities at Trader Joes.

          1. re: Tumkers

            These stores carry Safest Choice a pasteurized egg.
            Bristol Farms
            Save Mart Supermarkets
            Nugget Market
            Apologies to Louis for misspelling the process named after him due to putting pastured and pasteurizing in the same post above.

            1. re: wolfe

              Wow! Good detective work. I can do Save Mart.

              1. re: wolfe

                Thank you, looks like a Save Mart might not be too far away. I was looking for eggs to use in homemade mayo. I had also tried TJ's but no luck there.

        2. Late to the game, I know, but this tiramisu recipe is *fabulous* and the custard is cooked: