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Apr 29, 2011 04:06 PM

Skirt, Hanger, Tri-Tip, Flank Steak etc.: Comparing Less Expensive Beef Cuts for Grilling?

I am far from a beef afficianado. i don't have butcher's knowledge nor have i ever broken down a steer.I only cook beef on a wood grill> 'Steak.' I like beefy flavor, I wouldn't eat beef tenderloin if you paid me. I have no problem w/ marinatiing if necessary to tenderize the meat. The cuts above- can yall tell me which are best for me and why? I appreciate your time.)

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  1. For steaks and quick grilling.....Skirt, Hanger, Flat Iron, Short Ribs, Flap Meat and Flank. You can have individual portions or grill whole and slice. Top Butt Sirloin is also very good for steaks or slicing. All have beefy flavor. My least favorite of the ones listed is flank. Marinate with soy sauce or a little acid is all you need to tenderize. all are quick and easy. Asian marinades call for Kiwi Fruit, Asian Pear or pineapple to tenderize.

    Thicker cuts, requiring more grill time and best if sliced thin......Tri-Tip or Newport, London Broil(Shoulder) and Chuck Eye. After making grill marks(searing), move to indirect heat and cover.

    I don't like Top Round, Bottom Round or Beef Knuckles for grilling.....aka Baltimore Pit Beef.

    1. Do you have a Mexican grocer o butcher near you? Or maybe just an ethnic market?

      If you do, ask for flap steak (or sometimes also called "flap meat"). It's usu. thinly cut and perfect for high dry heat (i.e. grilling). Oh, and it's generally priced economically and below things like skirt or hanger, which is also very good but have gotten quite pricey in recent years.

      1. Skirt/Hanger is amazing for quick searing on the grill and makign carne asada.

        But I LOVEEEEE tri tips. CH's hoisin marinaded tri tips are amazing. And i throw it onto my grill instead of using an oven.

        1. I agree about the tastiness of these cuts. But how many of us here think that they're really "less expensive" now?

          I can often find top sirloin at 3.99 per pound, but flank steak is never less than $5-$6 per pound, not far from what I can often find strip steak or ribeye (on sale).

          I guess the point is that I can't remember a promotional sale on any of these cuts at my local (quite good) supermarket. Just not enough mass-market interest, I suppose. The Latin market is always a good option, though.