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Apr 29, 2011 03:12 PM

Boston Area's Best Farmers Markets?

When I revise this guide to food souvenirs for visiting CHs, I'd like to add the 3 or 4 best area farmer's markets (but NOT for produce or meats/poultry because many visitors are flying in and out and staying in hotels.) Would youall plse advise? Plse include some of the types of foods and/or vendors and plse include WHERE the market is by area because something like' Dewey Sq.' doesn't work>> ex. 'copley sq./back bay'. Thanks so much!

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  1. Boston Magazine rates Farmers Markets every year. Belmont won in 2009, Lexington in 2010. But really, a farmers market is different from a restaurant. A market is a collection of vendors. For someone who lives here, maybe what they are looking for is fresh produce. For someone who is visiting here and looking for a souvenir, maybe what they are looking for is food and food products that travel well - does not need refrigeration or special handling. So my suggestion would be to identify some vendors of good food souvenirs, and if they happen to sell at farmers markets, say which ones.

    To elaborate with an example, I love the Belmont Farmers Market (where I am a volunteer), and over the years it has had some great local products (including cheese, honey, pies, even old-fashioned soda pop), but I don't know if I would recommend the market itself as a must-see destination for a tourist. Really, I think what is most important for a tourist wanting a food souvenir are the particular products he or she may be interested in and where to find them, not the markets themselves.

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      pinch, your last paragraph is how I would approach it as a visitor(researcher that i am), but some people just like to visit and browse, not knowing what they'll find. I'm not doing this as a 'must see' or 'must do' but rather as something food related that might hold interest for some visitors.

      that is super info re Boston mag; never would have known; th you.i'll search for those.

    2. I bring back produce from union sq NYC all the time.

      I fly plants back from a garden store in Chicago.

      Even if I'm not buying I love to see the produce and meat offerings of farmers markets elsewhere.

      Copley is decent and tourists will be there anyway. They also offer cheese, salsa, and some nonfood items too.