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Apr 29, 2011 03:10 PM

Rebottling Vermouth to extend freshness. Does it work?

I have a 750ml bottle of Dolin dry vermouth I’m about to open that will take me several months to go through. I have wondered for some time if it would make a difference in extending a larger bottle of vermouth's useful life if I rebottled half of the vermouth into a smaller (ideally 375ml) bottle. I intend to keep both the original and new bottles in the refrigerator. My hope is that the rebottled vermouth would stay fresh, or fresher, in a smaller bottle with little empty space, than just sitting in the original open bottle. Would this work? if so, does anyone have recommendations on what type of bottles I should use and how far up to the top I should pour the vermouth?


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  1. I think this is a good idea. Even better would be smaller bottles - (3) 250ml bottles, maybe?

    I'd fill the "inventory" bottle(s) completely absolutely to the top, with little or no air, and reseal tightly. The idea would be to minimize any oxygen in the bottle. Refrigerate if possible.

    I also suggest you evacuate the daily-use bottle with a vac-u-vin or similar. My aromatized wines keep quite well in 750ml refrigerated evacuated bottles. But then I tend to go through a lot of these things. (Although the M&R bianco bottle just won't die.)

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