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Bavarian World, Reno NV

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Holy cow! How could I have lived here nearly my whole life and never been? Love, love! It's kitsch is fabulous, the food yummy. The little grocery at the front of the store has an amazing and outstanding selection of on-premise made baked goods that are out of this world. Had today's special of goulash (tender), spaetzel and red cabbage. Can't wait to go back!

Bavarian World
595 Valley Rd, Reno, NV 89512

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  1. Wow, Nancy! Reno is really surprising me. We're away for a couple of weeks but will definitely check this out. Thanks for the rec.

    1. I was trying to picture this place, but couldn't. I Thought it might be over by Walden's Coffee House - but according to the map it's not. Has it always been at this address? Maybe I'm thinking of something else...

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        Bavarian World is at Valley and 6th, not far from Louis' Basque Restaurant. It's been there for a lot of years.

        Bavarian World
        595 Valley Rd, Reno, NV 89512

        1. re: bill2975

          Thanks Bill - I'm not sure how I got my wires crossed, but this is what I was thinking of :)

      2. The food in the restaurant here can be quite good. The bakery sells stuff that should have been thrown out a week earlier. I was so angry after a visit there about seven years ago I haven't been back for food, just to check out the wine. Just horribly old food.
        Enbell, it's always been at this address.

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          Bummer about the food, good about the wine, I wonder what place I'm thinking of...

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            Nancy's opinion kinda indicates that you may want to check them out again. Alot can improve in seven years :)

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              Just to clarify what you're saying in your post, Steve - you were pleased with the RESTAURANT food, just that the bakery items (when you were there 7 years ago), were horribly old, correct?

              All - if you're interested in a trip back in time with some tasty German food, take a leap of faith and try the restaurant. I was not dissapointed.

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                We'll certainly be checking it out when we get back from Rio.

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                  I've eaten at the restaurant several times and usually enjoyed the food. I've had problems with bad food from the bakery/deli side. The last time I bought something there I specifically asked the owner about the condition of some baked goods before I bought them. He personally assured me they were fresh baked. I got out into the car and they were stale and dry. I was so angry I decided to boycott everything. I did stop by to check out their wine selection. Their importers are pretty meh so I didn't buy anything.