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Apr 29, 2011 12:46 PM

Turkey recipes?

We try to eat as healthy as we can and we do a pretty good job sticking to lean meats, fish and greens. Planning our meals is a must during the week, but it is difficult around this time of the year as soup is not as desirable in warmer weather. This week we decided to buy a whole turkey and break it up into several lunches for the week. Does anyone have any suggestions for healthy lunch recipes?

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  1. Turkey ala king
    Turkey sandwiches
    Use the carcass to make turkey stock to be used to make jambalaya
    Turkey pot pie

    1. I always do turkey-green chili enchiladas and turkey posole with Thanksgiving leftovers. Both are fab reheated. Turkey salad made just like chicken salad is another easy one.

      You might do a search for thanksgiving leftover recipe ideas -- lots of creative stuff sure to pop up there. :)

      1. I made the transition to turkey a few years ago. I found that I can use turkey in just about any dish that I would of used beef. Except a great burger of course! I use ground turkey in:
        Tacos, sloppy joes, spaghetti, meatloaf, canneloni, thai lettuce wraps, any enchiladas and any casserole dish. I make turkey picatta, tukey tetrazzini. Just swap it out from beef, I actually think it comes through like veal with its mild flavor.