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Apr 29, 2011 10:15 AM

Keeping Spot Prawns Fresh [split from Ontario]

Definetly off topic:

I bought live Spot Prawns today at Sunny Supermarket, though I do not believe we will be eating them till tomorrow.

I was debating whether to make another trek there again tomorrow and get them fresh, but thought that I am assuming when restaurants get them in, they keep them for at least a day or so while having them as 'specials' so why couldn't I?

The question is, what is the best method to keep these suckers (Granted they are probably dead by now...) till tomorrow?


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  1. I would say just like lobster, moist and in the fridge.

    1. I find w /these you gotta eat them fresh. Once they die, then the best thing is to remove the head as the goo in the head tends to degrade faster and makes the body of the prawn mushy.

      If you do that though then you miss out on sucking the head after it's cooked.

      That's why I don't recommend buying spot prawns when they're already dead on a bed of ice. Go with the live ones.

      1. How can they be dead already if you bought them live today?

        At the restaurant, they came in a styrofoam case with water, which we kept in the walk-in. When an order came in, we'd go into the walk-in, pull out the required prawns, and dispatch them.

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          Unless you have oxygenated salt water they wont survive that long out of the tank.

          I am surprised they did in the walk-in.

          Hopefully they will last till tomorrow, otherwise its a $20 mistake/lesson learned.