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Apr 29, 2011 11:34 AM

Bedford/Billerica - good food ?


I’ve not perused the whole board yet but on my 1st click the chain was all about how excited people were that a new Cheesecake Factory was opening. Seriously people, is there not a local place that you like ? Local food, hopefully even organic ? Not laden with meats & fats ?

Last time I was out your way I had the worst food experience almost ever when I travel – ended up as I could not find anyplace else: Chili’s, Cheesecake Factory, and it got better one day when I happened upon a Whole Foods.

  1. Hi Miss Seattle,

    I think your post belongs on the Greater Boston board, not Northern New England.

    Since I am very familiar with these two towns, I would send you to the Pongal in Billerica for the weekend brunch buffet. Sichuan Gourmet is not to be missed, also in Billerica. There are many posts on the Boston board mentioning these two restaurants.

    In Bedford, Flatbread is pretty good for a nice beer and alternative style flatbread/pizza. There is a small and friendly sushi restaurant in Bedford center called Ginger that offers reasonable quality sushi for a fair price - not the best, but certainly adequate for the convenience factor.

    I don't know from your post if you are confined to these two towns or not, but certainly travel to neighboring towns is pretty simple in off-peak hours. Close by is Arlington, which has several good options.

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