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Apr 29, 2011 10:33 AM

Two Days With a Toddler

Hi! I live in NYC, but my husband and I are coming to Philly for two days next week and bringing along our 17-month-old daughter. There of course will be cheesesteak at some point, but I'm looking for recommendations for other kinds of toddler-friendly places too. A kids menu isn't needed, but a highchair would be nice and it needs to be somewhere that won't freak out if they see my daughter. Any kind of moderately-priced food is an option. I just want to experience the best of what Philly has to offer. We especially like micro brew beer, Italian and Thai food. We're staying downtown, but are willing to travel just about anywhere reachable on public transportation. Thanks!

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  1. We had a great experience bringing a 1 year old to Sampan, right in the Center City area. The food was really tasty, "Modern Asian" cuisine and the space is beautiful. Service was excellent, and the staff absolutely loved having the baby there - they immediately produced a high chair and I think nearly every server stopped by the table to see the baby.

    1. I would recommend Pizzeria Stella (this is right off South Street, so you can plan to go there for lunch or dinner after a stroll). There are always lots of families there. And if memory serves, at least a few decent beers.

      1. I will make my first post a safe one by suggesting Rangoon on 9th, between Arch and Cherry. Burmese cuisine presented by talented cooks and welcoming servers who accomodated our table of four adults and my two month old son Jack with extraordinary food, drink, and nothing else but smiles. Great place and great people!

        1. Rangoon is a great choice. We've been going there with our kids since they were toddlers, and the food (Burmese) is delicious and unique, with some similarity to Thai (Philly is generally not great for Thai). Reading Terminal Market is great for breakfast and/or lunch. Beyond that, there are hundreds of possibilities depending on what part of town and what you consider "moderate" pricing. Lots of great places are fairly kid-friendly as long as you go on the early side: Amada, Garces Trading Company, Tria, Distrito, Osteria, and Zahav are all great places where I've been with or seen kids. Some of Philly's best are small BYOBs that are more difficult with a young child because they are very small, probably don't have high chairs, and tend to be quieter. Hopefully someone else will chime in on which gastropubs are ok with kids.

          1. Reading Terminal Market is a lot of fun and lots to see for a little one (in a stroller). Also, most of the Chinese and Vietnamese places in Chinatown are very child friendly.