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Best Thin Crust Pizza for lunch in Bridgeport?

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Any ideas? I've gotten some great recommendations, but all are for places that are not open for lunch.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Chicago institution (the original) Home Run Inn on 31st is open for lunch daily. I'm not very familiar with the area - just a suggestion.

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      Just worth mentioning that that HRI location (4254 W. 31st St) is not in the Bridgeport neighborhood - it's in Little Village, about five miles west of Bridgeport - so if anyone has suggestions in Bridgeport, I'm sure the OP would still be interested. (A quick web search turns up three Bridgeport pizza places that are open for lunch - , Punky's, Calabruzzi's Cafe www.calabruzziscafe.com and Freddie's which is closed for remodeling www.freddieson31st.com - but I haven't been so I'm not sure how good they are.)

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        I've had Freddie's, but it is closed due to a fire. I'll check out Punky's. Thanks!