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Apr 29, 2011 10:11 AM

Austin CH visiting Vancouver for girls weekend

I will be in Vancouver next weekend for a wedding and staying at the Sheraton City Center downtown with several other bridesmaids. I am looking for a good foodie lunch spot within walking distance (or short drive). Nothing too fancy for lunch, moderate price range, maybe good dim sum or Chinese (we have good szechuan in texas but not so many choices for cantonese, hunan, etc). I also need a moderately priced restaurant/bar with nice lively atmosphere and delicious food for a happy hour/impromptu bridal shower that we are having friday afternoon for a group of 8-10 again preferably within walking distance of the hotel. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Hamilton Street in Yaletown is a haven of trendy restaurants near you. You will LOVE Rodney's Oyster House on Hamilton - it was GREAT! It is the definition of funky casual foodie heavan. Especially if you like Oysters.
    Another option is the Yaletown Brewing Company on Hamilton Street. You can have a flight of house made beers and try the lemon pepper shrimp.

    Rodney's Oyster House
    1228 Hamilton, Vancouver, BC V6B2S8, CA

    1. I would highly recommend Phnom Penh Restaurant located at 244 E Georgia St in Chinatown. If you want a seriously amazing lunch and a reasonable bill this is the place to go. You can't miss the deep fried squid or the deep fried chicken wings, the pea shoots of the marinated butter beef. The noodles are also incredible. Don't be put off by the ambiance - this is the best food in town.