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Craft Cocktails or Mixology Cocktails

What would be a good place or two to try some interesting fresh ingredients craft cocktails or even molecular mixology

something interesting or good - on the strip - if it is near the aria that would be great, but not Madarian Bar

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  1. I enjoyed the cocktails at Sage (right in Aria) and also at Comme Ca at the Cosmopolitan.

    Comme Ca
    3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

    1. the "milan to manhattan" at sage is excellent.

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        going to have the wedding reception @ Sage the day after so was thinking about another alternative, but you never know, maybe too much Sage is a good thing :)

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          $14 cocktails.

          Bar Moderno in Aria appears to be a cocktail bar whereas Sage sounds like a restaurant with a lounge area.

        2. The bar at American Fish is a really attractive setting, but I would check the cocktail menu on line. The bar at Mix in the Hotel at Mandalay Bay is also a very fun room. ...
          But some of the best cocktails I've had recently have been at the Chandelier Bar in the new Cosmo. Great venue, different cocktails on every level; the manager, Marina, is a really good mixologist. Excellent service as well.

          American Fish
          3730 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89115

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            chandelier sounds perfect and we will be in the Cosmo already because we will be at Jaleo first

            Rhumbar also looks good (as i love rum drinks) but we have a trader vics here so i can get those anytime

            so far chandelier is in the lead !

            1. We enjoyed the excellent cocktails at Rhumbar at the Mirage - they have a very nice outdoor patio, well shaded, with super comfy seating, good house music and well screened from the traffic on LVBlvd. There is a smaller indoor space all done in cool white, but I highly recommend the outdoor patio.
              I enjoyed the chipotle pineapple maragarita very much, as well as another drink made with fresh raspberries and blueberries. They used fresh fruit and herbs in all the drinks that we ordered.
              The drinks menu is online at http://www.rhumbarlv.com/

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                $12-$14 for cocktails at Rhumbar. But in mid-March we'd have to be indoors, right?

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                  Just noticed your post - Rhumbar has heaters outside. But I'm Canadian, so the weather in mid-March to me feels like summer. Still, I think it's very comfortable with the heaters, and I just really enjoy the vibe there. I've had great service too.

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                    Thanks MrsCris. I agree, anything would be better than Toronto winter and heaters will help tremendously!

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                      Probably too late but if you were here last weekend you probably didn't want to be on the patio at night in Vegas...lol, Canadian or not. We were far colder than many of our neighbors to the north and east - with wind and rain as well. Personally, I'll way until May to sit outside:-)

                      Going back to an earlier post, are there any specialty cocktails at the Chandelier bar anyone recommends? Taking my son there this weekend on his request....

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                        It wasn't that cold, actually. We were walking around at 11 pm Saturday watching the Mirage volcano outdoors and it was fine out. I wish we had stopped at Rhumbar for a drink, too! Believe it or not, we never did have a drink at Chandelier nor Vesper in our own hotel.

                2. Any new recs for real cocktails mid-Strip with fresh ingredients and bartenders who infuse, craft and mix with panache? Bonus points for spectacular view or phenomenal decor.

                  How are Vesper at Cosmopolitan, Bar Moderno at Aria, or Savile Row at Luxor compared to above recs?

                  This is for a group of late 30-something women.

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                    I would definitely recommend Mandarin Bar at the Mandarin Oriental. Spectacular view and unique cocktails. Vesper at Cosmo is a solid choice for cocktails but the view would leave something to be desired.

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                      Thanks! I imagine Mandarin will be expensive, but I guess you pay for a good view!

                      Here are the prices (is this average for high end Las Vegas?)


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                        It's near the higher end but if you're looking for craft cocktails with fresh ingredients you're going to pay more. If you figure you're average top shelf cocktail from a casino bar will run you $8-$10 you're going to be paying quite a bit for someone with a degree mixing your drink.

                  2. Hands down the best mixology/craft cocktails I've had in Vegas are at Fusion at Palazzo. I appreciate the sublime sophistication of the cocktails I've had at Sage and at Vesper, but I have to say, Wendy Hodges & Greg Black at Fusion are not only masterful but they're one heck of a lot of fun. I think their cocktails are..."bigger" in flavor and a broader spectrum of tastes than what I've had at Vesper and Sage.

                    The downside -- and I freely acknowledge it's a big one -- is that the bar is just a kiosk on the casino floor. So, no ambience, and lots of traffic and just generally lousy that way. But the drinks more than make up for it. There's one other note I'd mention: I found the drink prices at Chandelier & Vesper to be pretty steep if you're planning on spending much time there. Drinks at Sage were part of my dinner tab, so I don't really remember the damage there. But, Fusion is actually one of those annoying video poker/video blackjack kiosk bars. Again, from an ambience perspective, not great. But that means that as long as you're playing -- to the tune of $1 a hand -- you're drinking for free. So you get handcrafted, fresh, fantastic cocktails, terrific bartenders and you're not breaking the bank.

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                      What a helpful post -- thanks! Are these bartenders on the night shift?

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                        I'm a beginner/non-gambler. How long does a "hand" last for $1? Do they just serve unlimited free drinks from a bar menu as long as you're gambling?


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                          In general, never wager in the hopes of getting some sort of comps be they free drinks, meals, etc. In the long run, it's cheaper to just buy your drinks.

                          On the other hand, if you were planning to wager anyway, take the free drink!

                          Regarding hands at video poker, it's like a slot machine. If you're playing seriously, you can play 6-8 hands per minute. On the other hand, you can stall between hands and not play quickly. OTOH, if you not playing quickly enough, you're drinks may not be comped. Not certain about their policies.

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                            Most establishments will give you a free drinks for playing small denomination machines (on the floor, on nickel machines; most video poker served at bars are quarter machines). In my experience, cocktail waitresses working the floor will provide free drinks for anyone who seems to be playing or even kibitzing players). And bartenders rarely pay much attention. Both, of course, have every right to expect a tip.

                            Serious video poker players can play 500-1200 hands per hour, but Shamu is right -- don't play anything you don't feel comfortable just because of a "free" drink.

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                              With the 100 play machines I can't even imagine how many hands per hour you could play. Much less follow those hands since they are so small on the screen. Fortunately you only make the decision on one hand and then "let the chips fall as they may".

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                                I do play the 100-play machines on occasion. The time for the hands to fill out, even if you are playing with the "turbo" speed, does consume quite a bit of time. I'd estimate that I can play at least three times as many "mother" hands on a single-play, maybe more. But overall, it saves a lot of time, so that I can help keep my priorities straight (food before gambling).

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                            ok, its a little off strip and may not be a place you think of when you think "cocktails" but there are some unique samplings to be had at Origin India (across the street from the Hard Rock). The "Mumbai Fizz" is a favorite of mine....tastes like bhel puri in a glass, but with a vodka kick. If you want something a little more conventional, try the mangotini. The one with the cranberry juice (I forget the name) is like a souped-up Cosmopolitan. I think they have happy hour with many half-priced options on weekdays, otherwise all drinks are 12 dollars. There is a small bar, or just sit at a table and have a few a few appetizers with your drinks. A good place to go close to the airport, btw (take the "Swenson St" exit from the terminal maze...)....DH and I enjoyed the Mumbai fizzes and a lovely meal there after I picked him up from the airport the other evening..(meal was made better by the half-price "loyal diner" coupon I received in an email....they have email deals like that from time to time for all on their list.....)

                            Edit: I couldn't remember if the Fizz was vodka or gin (I'm thinking vodka because I don't taste gin when I drink it). So I went on the website, but the bar menu didn't list all the cocktails. They did list their "Autumn" cocktails, which weren't available the other day so I guess it hasn't been updated in awhile. I have to admit several of those sounded really good too, so you might ask about seasonal options if you go. Oh, and they apparently feature absinthe on the menu as well.

                          3. In terms of a lounge or bar with a fantastic view, what do you think of the quality of cocktails at Mix Lounge at TheHotel, or Ghostbar or Moon at Palms?

                            1. Any good mixology at MGM Grand, Venetian/Palazzo (other than Fusion), Caesars Palace or Bellagio? http://www.bellagio.com/nightlife-div...

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                              1. Thanks, everyone. We enjoyed the cocktails at China Poblano over lunch (lychee pisco, salt air margarita) and Mandarin Bar before dinner (Violet Aviation), but sadly, didn't get a chance to sample the cocktails elsewhere!