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Feb 4, 2006 02:38 PM

Not to be missed places in Diamond Bar area

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Recently moved to the Diamond Bar area and wanted chowhound opinions on not-to-be-missed eats here, maybe within a 10-mile radius (center: Diamond Bar Blvd and Pathfinder).


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    I do not know Diamond Bar well but Here is a small start of what I like all around DB. Also, Diamond Bar is perhaps the best situated city in L.A. County in terms of fast freeway access (10 to 15 min. Drive) to other areas. North to the I-10 to Covina & Pomona, and the 210 to Glendora & San Diams, South to the 91, the 22, and the 5, is Fullerton, Orange, Anaheim and East to Puente Hills area and West to Chino and Chino Hills. Maybe post request for those cities. I noticed lots of new places in Chino Hills and have been wanting to drive around there myself.

    Donuts Galore (IMO, the best and most Outstanding in L.A. Try a crispy-doughy Cinnamon twist , Crusty apple fritters, Great Glazed and other cakes donuts)
    1112 Via Verde (VON'S CENTER)
    San Dimas, CA 91773
    (909) 599-3848
    Monday-Saturday: 4:30 AM - 6 PM
    Sunday: 4:30 AM - 4 PM
    From the 57 Fry Exit at Via Verde and go West to the corner of Via Verde and Puente St.

    Frisco’s Dinner (Pork Chops or Steak and eggs, Pancakes, Burgers, Onion Rings)
    18065 Gail Ave.
    City of Indistry, CA
    (626) 913-3663 (Thnaks to Chino Wayne)

    Rutt’s Hawaiian Café II (Try the Royal w/ Bacon FRIED Rice and Pourtugese Sausage, Bean Sprouts & Onions, also Loco Moco, and great Burgers. This location has a larger menu including Country and Mexican style Breakfast)
    17371 E. Valley Blvd.
    La Puente, CA 91744
    (626) 839 - 6312
    From the 60 Fry go South on Azusa Ave., Look for Rutt’s sign on the left as you go over the train tracks, Left on E. Hurley St., another immediate left on S. Azusa Way. To Rutts on the corner of Valley Blvd.

    Original Pancake House (Try all the pancakes
    )Yorba Linda
    18453 Yorba Linda Boulevard
    Yorba Linda, California 92686

    Knowlwood (Burgers and beer)
    5665 East La Palma Avenue
    Anaheim CA 92807-2102
    (714) 779-2501
    Sun-Thurs 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Fri & Sat 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
    (Anaheim Hills, Just North of the 91 – Cross st. is Imperial Hwy)

    Tommy’s Original Hamburgers Breakfast sandwich, Chili burgers
    )1627 Fullerton Rd.
    Rowland Heights, CA 91748

    Los Jarritos Restaurant (Tacos, Burritos)
    3191 N Garey Ave
    Pomona, CA 91767-1367
    (909) 593-7012

    Long John Silver’s (Exceptional location for fish & chips, frying oil changed very often – clean)
    17901 E Colima Road
    City Of Industry, CA 91748

    1. Hi Jay,

      This reply seems two years overdue, but I have a few big recommendations for you if you're still in the area. I'm a Diamond Bar native back in town after 6 years at school and abroad.

      1. Colima Burgers on Colima and Fairway: solid greasy spoon burgers and fries with amazing chili (easily beats Tommy's, Pink's and most other hailed condiment chilis in LA). I wrote a post about it on my blog ( The customer favorite is chili cheese fries. Stick to the specials and don't be deceived by the presence of a Mexican menu- most of that stuff is unsatisfying.

      2. Sushi Koyo on Diamond Bar Blvd near the 57N entrance, in the same center as D'Antonio's: very nice lunch specials (the chicken teriyaki is surprisingly good), but the real prize is Hiro's sushi dinner (the sushi you get with lunch is good, but dinner is on a different level). omkase with drinks usually comes out to $45 or $50 and the nigiri sushi he prepares is brilliant.

      3. India Sweet and Snacks on Golden Springs near DB Blvd (next to the laundromat): good vegetarian chaat. The samosas are particularly delicious!

      4. Fresh Paradise (somewhere in Chino Hills): authentic South Indian (vegetarian) meals. The rice dishes and dosas are fantastic, but I was also surprised by the quality of their dahi puri (give it a try!).

      5. Barro's Pizza (Brea Canyon and Colima): this is one of Diamond Bar's gems, even though the quality has gone down slightly since the Barro family sold the business in 2001. Go there on Monday night for the large one-topping special. It's ridiculously cheap (though pretty pricey at all other times) and the pizza is one of the best examples of California pizza I've ever seen. It's a lot like Dino's in Burbank, if you've ever been there. Beer used to be $7 a pitcher, but has recently risen in price. Still, $12 for a pitcher of fat tire ain't all that bad.

      6. El Taco Nazo (Grand, across the street from Mt SAC): a new branch of this chain just opened in Walnut. Eat anything with fried fish in it, avoid everything else. The fish tacos are absolutely divine!

      Happy eating :D

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      1. re: theeatenpath

        Uhmm.. how a list of "not to be missed" DB restaurants not include Korean and Chinese in Rowland Heights yet included "Long Dong Silver" really boggles my mind:

        18722 Colima Rd
        Rowland Heights
        Korean BBQ place behind the Hanmi Bank

        18489 Colima Rd
        for Taiwanese sausages, shaved ice and other TW street food.

        Plaza Deli
        18920 Gale Ave
        off of Nogales for Taiwanese pork chop rice, oyster omelette, etc.

        Little Bean:
        some say the best boba joint in the entire SGV? martini-shaken boba nai cha.

        blah blah. someone else can continue...

        1. re: TonyC

          Is Chamsotgul related to Cham Sut Gol in Garden Grove?

          1. re: TonyC

            agree! rowland heights has probably my all time favorite chinese restaurant, korean style. darn, i forget the name of it! it's next to a bakery inside the Hanmi Bank shopping center on colima. anyone know what i'm talking about? it's been so long... god! i miss that place! they have the best shrimp with hot garlic sauce.

            and Ong Go Jip has a mean Korean BBQ and spicy black cod (eun dae go jorirm) 18891 Colima Rd. Rowland Heights


              1. re: fatnoodles

                I think you mean New Garden? HUGE downhill for this Garden... (and mixed reviews on Yelp).

                Chamsotgul is in the same plaza as New Garden. For me, CSG everytime, New Garden never. Not sure if this CSG is related to the CSG in Garden Grove...

                There should be a GG "not to be missed places" list as well... As the years wear on, Koreans (just like the Chinese) are moving away from City proper.

            1. re: TonyC

              My goal wasn't to make a "not to be missed" list; i was just suggesting some of my favorite places that people usually don't stop to try. That said, I'm glad people have stepped in to round out the post with Rowland Heights recs. I don't think I'm adequately prepared for that undertaking :)

            2. re: theeatenpath

              i second sushi koyo whole-heartedly!

              that said, colima burger is unbeatable, as well.

              great list! (barring all the asian food to be found in rowland heights, which would be an undertaking)

            3. I used to live in Rowland Heights right in that area- as Tony C mentioned, it's a hub for ethnic Asian food- mostly of the Chinese variety. I think there is generally pretty high turnover with most of them, but I would try some of the many that line Colima heading west of where you are. A lot of these are cheap eats- I really miss being able to pick up a roasted duck or bbq pork with quick and easy sides and needing change for my ten dollar bill. They even cut it up for you! There used to be a Sam Woo dim sum, now I think it's just a bbq restaurant. I don't really remember the names of most of these places, just where they are!

              That being said, Colima Burger is ok- I find their burgers a bit on the greasy side but if that is what you like, ... I really miss Taco Nazo- their fish tacos are the best.

              1. I Love to go to:

                1) Rokuan- Japanese in Chino Hills, Grand and Chino Hills Pkwy in the Stater Bros center. They have fresh, great quality sushi.

                2) Tamarind- Indian in Chino Hills, Grand and Pipeline. They have a wonderful lunch buffet. It's higher quality Indian. They have the best chicken tandoori.

                3) Combo house: A food stall inside the Korean market on Colima and Brea Canyon. Thet have a yummy Cham-pong (sp?) noodle soup (spicy seafood noodle soup)

                1. Here are a few more suggestions:

                  Aljibani Market (next to India Sweets and Snacks): The shawarma's good, but the plate entrees are really good (i.e. braised meats, okra, etc.) The market has a few finds, too.

                  CalPoly Farm Store (on Temple, across from the university): It's worth dropping by and seeing what's new. You'll find campus-grown produce, gourmet items, super-premium ice cream, frozen meat from the university's meat prep school, nursery, etc.

                  Speaking of markets, the Stater Bros on Grand Ave in Chino Hills is nice, as an alternative to the markets in DB. Also, the Henry's is great, but I prefer the Sprouts in Claremont. The new Super H market in DB is really nice, and it has places to eat inside (it's on Diamond Bar Blvd in South DB).

                  Avoid Rainbow Donuts. I like Manna Donuts in Chino Hills, next to the Stater Bros. It's open 24 hours, so you can get fresh donuts overnight. (Not sure, but I think you can get fresh donuts in the morning at the Super H Market.)

                  That's all for now.