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Apr 29, 2011 07:54 AM


Any suggestion for Barceloneta restaurant for this Sunday? Kaiku is full, Can Ros is closed for renovations. Our hotel recommended El Nou Ramonet, which doesn't sound so great (reviews online seem midling, and sitting on stools sounds uncomfortable after a long flight). Want to eat Paella, etc. Should we just eat elsewhere and go to Barceloneta during the week? What is the great appeal of going on a Sunday?

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  1. For Barceloneta, two other decent and places for paella that I've been to are Can Majo and the less expensive Can Pinxo. Can Majo is more expensive and much of the food is good. I don't think Kaiku or Can Ros is any better only a little less expensive. Paella is not a urban dish and difficult for a restaurant to cook to order. Getting a good one in Barcelona is always a hit and miss. As for the great appeal of Barceloneta on Sunday: it is a popular for local families for their midday meal of seafood whereas most of the rest of Barcelona is rather quiet. Saturday is also lively but not quite so. As for the rest of the week, except for the beaches, Barceloneta is a quiet residentual neighborhood, still quaint to stroll but no crowd. For a very short stay, I don't think a meal there is an absolute unless eating paella is important.

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      Thanks. We will be there a week, so may as will check the boxes... I saw you also recommended El Merenderi Del Mari on another thread - is that more expensive?

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        El Merenderi del Mari is also good. Couple of others that my Barcelona friends like are L'Eix al Moll and Can Ramonet: The prices for most of these places are about the same, Can Majo might be a couple dollars more for their paella. Most have basically the same menu: some vegetable grilled and fried vegetable dishes, variations of paella and rice dishes, few Catalan specialities such as suquet, fish cooked a la plancha, big platter of seafood. These are what most local families like to eat, therefore, the food can be very good. Most of these places are large, therefore, one should be able to get a reservation. If you are in Barcelona for a week, I would definitely save Sunday midday for Barceloneta. It is the best time to stroll around the harbor, the beaches and mingle with the crowd.

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          thanks for the advice. reserved at can pinxo. looking forward to some paella after a long flight!

    2. We just returned from Barcelona and had a great Sunday lunch at La Mar Salada. Great rice dishes as well as other things like fried artichoke chips. Casual elegance great people watching with lots of locals, but make sure you have a reservation as many walk ups turned away.