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Apr 29, 2011 07:40 AM

Great addition to New Haven

Oaxaca Kitchen, New Haven CT
We've been three times. Twice during restaurant week and again last night for an early dinner. The staff are all friendly and efficient and the decor feels authentic and comfortable. The chips, which were warm, were served with 2 dipping sauces, a red and a green. I really liked the green and my husband preferred the red, both had good flavors tho I think the green had a hotter tone. I usually don't go for gazpacho, but it was recommended by the waitress so I tried it and had it again on our next visit - it was excellent and far above most gazpachos I've tasted before. There was a delicious scoop of red pepper ice in the center -very tasty! My husband had the seafood salad with shrimp, octopus and scallop which was very good, maybe the octopus was a bit chewy but I see on the new menu lobster has replaced the octopus. He also had the pork tacos and liked them. Last night we were seated in the upper area in a very comfortable banquette and twice Chef Prasad came to our table, he is charming and receptive to all comments and suggestions and obviously a very talented chef. Would make my head spin and my back ache to think about juggling all the restaurants that he has. Last night my husband had the tamales, the presentation was beautiful and he liked the flavors but thought they would be improved by extra mole sauce. OW he loved them. I had the crab cake. It was crispy on the outside, creamy inside and sitting on a bed of sauce with a topping of - can't temember- but fruity and crispy. Very different and very good. I then had another appetizer, the lobster enchiladas. 2 rolled enchiladas with lobster in a spicy green sauce. Delicious. My husband had the duck on the pistachio mole. He loved it and thought it was one of the best duck dishes he had tasted. The house margaritas were very good, not too sweet which I don't like. And there is quite a long list of many tequilas on the menu.
So we've been three times and left happy every time. It is really nice to have a Mexican restaurant in New Haven that is so creative and delicious.
(PS I have only given my husband's opinions on his food because I don't eat meat or chicken - he did taste most of my dishes and agreed on their deliciousness)

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  1. Went here for the second time. Guacamole was made at the table, as you like it. Crab cake was excellent. Chille relleno was unusual, but well-made in a classic style. The neat part about this dish was the Italian flair of the (spicy) hot tomato sauce. Where you might get a small amount drizzled over a relleno, this relleno was swimming in this succulent sauce!
    The black beans were unusual and had an almost vanilla scent. I think it was Epazote; I use it myself. The rice was a long grain Indian rice and was lightly seasoned and very fresh. My SO had posole with pork. Very classic, tender, high quality pork, well prepared and served with the appropriate sides of onion, lime and lettuce. I would have preferred cilantro.
    This was an excellent meal! Previously we had the tres leches cake. Fabulous and light; not soggy. This is a notch above Guadalupe La Poblanita in quality, ambiance and creativity. It is also a lot more money. However, it is in downtown and is a pretty slick restaurant. It is far better than Geronimo.
    Try it! If Chef Prasad has his finger in then so much the better. We love Thali.

    87 Main Street, New Canaan, CT 06840

    Guadalupe La Poblanita
    136 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06513

    1. We went last night, taking out our daughter and her suite mate at drop off time at school. We very much enjoyed it. The fresh guacamole was really delicious; the $10 bowl was plenty for the five of us to share. I had the Bistec a la Parilla which was very very good; everyone else enjoyed their meals as well (Scallops, and Duck). Delicious margarita too.