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Apr 29, 2011 07:33 AM

Baked Russets in gas oven for 3.5 hrs. @ 200. Will it work?

Hi. I've been reading and enjoying for a while now and learning TONS. First time posting so here goes:

I'm wanting to bake up to 5# of russet potatoes in my oven but need to bake at a low temp. so they'll be done in 3-3.5 hrs. (3.5 hrs. is most comfortable). 200F is lowest temp. I have. They're all good-sized (medium or larger) potatoes. Do you think this will work? Is baking more potatoes better under these terms? Yes, I know about crock pots. I'd just rather use the oven as it's still cold where I live and so nice to come home to oven-cooked food when it's cool.

Thank you!

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  1. It didn't work for me, potatoes had a very dense texture, vs. dry/fluffy. Didn't taste like a baked potato.

    1. This worked for me with sweet potatos. I used jewel, japanese red, and the orange ones. They came out super sweet and tender.

      1. Low temp and baked potatoes don't go together -- generally the hotter the better. Are you so tight for time that you can't just blast them at 425 for about 35 - 45 minutes (depending on size)?

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          Or don't have a timer on the oven for a delayed start?

        2. Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and baked them tonight and will fix a different dish to better fit my cook time. The last 2 posters are both right about my situation: I don't have an oven timer, and I am tight for time. On the occasion I would have originally baked the potatoes, my toddler daughter will probably miss a nap and thus be very fussy. My goal is to have food ready to eat when we walk through the door. That way she can get her meal and be off to sleep, and I'm not trying to do anything but dish up the food with her wrapped around my legs.

          Thank you all very much!

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            You can prebake potatoes in a regular oven, chill, and then reheat in the microwave. This is a tip from one of Barbara Kafka's microwave cookbooks.