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Apr 29, 2011 06:53 AM

Vegetarian in Worcester

I've got a business trip in a month to Worcester - the hotel will be close to Umass Medical. I'd like to stay very local for most of my trip, unless there is something fantastic around.

What are the vegetarian options in the area? I'm guessing not many, but Indian, Mediterranean, bakeries or delis with good breads or any kind of small market recommendations would be appreciated. Anyplace I can get homemade pierogi?

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  1. will you have access to a car?

    the first thing that comes to mind for vegetarian options are right on rt. 9 -

    belmont vegetarian gets great reviews (
    udupi is South Indian (

    my favorite indian place (surya) is on shrewsbury street and has the traditional vegetarian options.

    worcester is surprisingly veg friendly (i'm told) and you can find a bunch of options here:

    enjoy your stay!

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    1. re: jmacd

      Great post.

      We're veg in Worcester and eat fairly well. We love:

      Bahnan's for middle Eastern cafe/shopping (leek/feta tart is a must)
      India Cafe for, duh, Indian
      Red Lantern is passable Chinese, but they offer lots of mock meats
      Flat's for thin crust and BYOB
      Da Lat for bun and boba
      Vietnam Cafe (haven't tried yet, but they have veg banh mi)
      Mezcal for tequila and rellenos

      1. re: invinotheresverde

        i second all of those recs. i didn't think outside of the umass area, but Flats and da lat are very frequent stops for me. vietname cafe has been on my list for a bit, i'm really curious to try a real banh mi!

        1. re: jmacd

          I think we're going to check 'em out today. I'll post.

          1. re: invinotheresverde

            Two tofu banh mi and an order of tofu summer rolls set us back all of $9. The sandwiches weren't filled all that much, but I didn't expect them to be large considering the price. The girl at the counter was super helpful and very friendly.

            Summer rolls were the standard, but tasty. The banh mi were on great bread. The aoili was flavorful, the hot peppers were, well, hot. The pickled veggies were mildly pickled and the aioli delicate. There was lots of cilantro, which I love.

            All in all, the sandwiches were quite good. We'll be back for more.

      2. re: jmacd

        Both are solid, Belmont has a limited, but changing menu. Belmont is best for take out as they have very little seating and the neighborhood isn't the best.
        Udupu in shrewsbury is much more formal than Udupi Bhavan. Wait service and china & silverware. The food is just as good and the prices aren't much more.
        I've had occasion to eat at the other rt.9 indian restaurants. India cafe has a veg. friendly lunch buffet and decent northern indian entrees. Bollywood grill is a local chain and a carvivore favorite, but still has some decent veg. options. On the higher side of the price scale tho.

        1. re: belcherveggie

          just curious, what do you mean "Udupu in shrewsbury is much more formal than Udupi Bhavan"? i'm not sure what udupi bhavan is, another local restaurant?

          hm...although when i post this, it links to a CT restaurant. is that the one you mean?

          Udupi Bhavan
          749 Saybrook Rd, Middletown, CT 06457

          1. re: jmacd

            Udupi Bhavan is a restaurant in Middletown CT which the original poster has been to and posted about:

            As a generic term "Udupi" is a style of southern indian cuisine that is vedic traditional vegetarian. Very different than the northern indian found at most indian restaurants.

            Udupi Bhavan
            749 Saybrook Rd, Middletown, CT 06457

            1. re: belcherveggie

              gotcha! i'll have to check it out next time i'm visting the family in CT :)

        Great vege jamaican meat patties. You will need to drive and it's a bad hood.