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Apr 29, 2011 06:33 AM

Tower Theater vicinity

is there a place to get good beer and a decent burger nearby for a pre-show meal?

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  1. We went to Distrito. It loosely fits the "vicinity" criteria. Octopus ceviche was the highlight.

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    1. re: brightman

      so that was not a burger..neil young was fabulous.

    2. Not a burger, and agreed...Neil was fantastic.

      1. Short answer...No. I'm a huge foodie, a 911 paramedic in Upper Darby Township, and I live here and I'm always looking for the best food in the area, day or night. No great burger to be found in the area. 69th street by the Tower is a predominately ethnic neighborhood now so burger joints are out. If you want a burger and a beer that's close you can cross Ludlow by the tower to the Waterford Inn ( and order the John B. Kelly burger. It will do before a show to fill you up and enjoy a Yuengling with it.

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          Thanks. Waterford was the plan but it was jammed.