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Apr 29, 2011 05:55 AM

Half Smoke Shootout

Does anyone REALLY care about which half smoke is the best in town? And is it REALLY called "half smoke" because it's half beef and half pork? (so says the Washington Post article)

There's a shootout on Sunday May 1 among 10 local chefs at Domaso Trattoria Moderna in Rosslyn. $20 gets you samples of all ten plus a cocktail, proceeds benefiting Brainfood, a non-profit youth development organization that, among other things, teaches inner city kids how to cook.

Not all the sources are named in the article, so Chowhound favorites like Canales or "The Eastern Market" may or may not be among them.

Mayday! Mayday!

Info at or
the restaurant's web page:

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  1. I'm thinking lots of "playful re-interpretations" that involve lobster, duck confit, wagyu beef, and unicorn sphincters. Pass.

    That half-beef-half-pork canard was disproven years ago. Doesn't suprise me that the Post fell for it since they probably fired all their fact checkers years ago as well. It's called a halfsmoke because it used to be a breakfast item and and was served sliced in half.