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Apr 29, 2011 12:09 AM

Burgoo on Main

Just went to this place on a friend's recommendation for the first time. Very impressive, bistro-style food at a very reasonable cost, in a decor that's a pit pub and a bit bistro but feels like more than casual dining.

Two of us split an appetizer of "fonduemental" ($13), an Emmental-Gruyere fondue served in a miniature fondue pot with fresh bread and grapes. Very good fondue indeed. Then split a main of Bouef Bourgignon, ($18) a substantial plate of very nice rich stew with lots of pearl onions and baby mushroom on a satisfying potato mash. With a desert of sticky toffee pudding we were quite done, all for under $50 exc tip (no wine). Plan to return because there are lots of other intriguing plates and soups, and hella cute waitresses.

Burgoo Bistro Main St
3096 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T3G5, CA

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  1. Burgoo's got a winning formula, and they have been very wise as to not tamper with it. We've been regulars for years (10th Ave location) and when the Main location opened up we were ecstatic as we're only one major road away.

    I recommend the half soup (cup) half sandwich combo, for only $15. The cup of soup is still quite generously-portioned. And the first time I had the combo I thought they goofed by giving me two sandwiches (Dos Diablos) on my plate, it turned out the two were actually halves of a single sandwich. Love the Crab Bisque, the Corn & Chicken, and the Clam Chowder (Manhattan red).

    Desserts are decent too.

    1. Can't remember if I posted on this before but we had such a nice time at Burgoo a couple months ago (10th Ave). Kids likes and dislikes were perfectly addressed by the menu (ie mussels for one and biscuits for the other). Both parents very happy too. I especially loved/dream about some sort of mushroom pate thing. Yikes. French onion soup. Great. Sticky toffee pudding. Yum. If they took reservations we would be there infinity more often than once a decade.

      1. Anyone with allergies will also appreciate the full binder of all ingredients they have available on request. I just wish some of their basic broths (i.e. chicken) which form the base of many of their items didn't include milk.

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          thanks for the allergy tip-I am always looking for restaurants that make it easier for us to dine out with our daughter.