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Apr 28, 2011 11:46 PM

World's best dishes & where you can find them


There are loeads of topics on chow about favorites,

Best foods in NY: (78x) and (153x). There there is even a separate section dedicated to "best foods" on the NYC boards.

Best world cities for food:

Best countries to live in for food: (131x


I also found one thread about favorite foods, but this was very generic about home-made dishes or general types of foods (e.g. pizza).

What I haven't discovered yet is a "best foods in the world" thread - with focus on specific food at specific places.

Hereby a start :)

Best Dim Sum: Xiao LOng Bao at Crystal Jade, Hong Kong (HK)
Best Pizza: Luzzi, Rome (Italy)
Best Buffalo Wings: Archie Moore's, Fairfield CT (USA)
Best Turkish: Mezze & Kebab at Çiya Sofrası in Istanbul (Turkey)
Best Lebanese: Maroush, London (UK)
Best Pastry: Rhubarb Tart at Paul in Paris (France)
Best Steak: Bisteca a la Fiorentina at Bordino in Florence (Italy)
Best Tapas: Ajo Blanco at El Pimpi in Malaga (Spain)
Best Tapas Experience: Cava and Chorizo at Can Paixano in Barcelona (Spain)
Best Desserts: Espai Sucre, Barcelona (Spain)
Best Falafel: Taim, New York (USA)
Best Japanese (single dish): Black Cod in Miso at Nobu in Milan (Italy)
Best Japanese (single dish): Tuna Tataki at Oni in The Hague (Holland)
Best Japanese (izakaya): Sakagura, NYC (USA)
Best Japanese (okonomiyaki): Abeno Too, London (UK)
Best Tea: thaipuccino at Coffeelovers Dominicanenkerk in Maastricht (Holland)
Best Food Court: Paragon Mall, Bangkok (Thailand)
Best Sandwich: Pastrami on Rye at Katz Deli in NY (NY)
Best Ice-Cream: Blackcurrent at Grom (any location) or macha green tea (anywhere)
Best Schnitzel: Zum Wildschuetz, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)
Best Vegetarian: Carciofi alla G iudia (artichoke) in the Jewish quarter in Rome (Italy)
Best Beverage: Bubble tea or Avacado Juice (anywhere)
Best Duck: Duck smoked in tea leafs at Crystal Jade, Hong Kong (HK)
Best Risotto: Beetroot rissotta at Da Capo in Vienna (Austria)
Best Deli: Dean & Deluca in New York (USA)
Best Fish: fried cod with chicory at Filetti di Baccala in Rome (Italy)

Looking forward to reading your favorites!

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  1. Your beetroot risotto at Da Capo is saliva-inducing. My list of personal "bests" would run into pages & pages, but am just sharing a subset here on Indian breads:

    Best Appam: Konkan Cafe, Taj President Mumbai (India)
    Best Naan: Bukhara, Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi (India)
    Best Paratha: Madras New Woodlands (Singapore)
    Best Murtabak: Hameediyah, Penang (Malaysia)
    Best Dosa: MTR, Bangalore (India)
    Best Kulcha: Dum Pukht, ITC Maratha, Mumbai (India)
    Best Chappati: Azmi's at Thye Chong, Norris Rd (Singapore)
    Best Peshawri Naan: Masala Kraft, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai (India). And a special mention to the fantastic version I had a looong time ago at Mateen Food Center in Karachi (Pakistan)
    Best Idli: Murugan's Idli Kadai, Chennai (India)
    Best Luchi: Jharna Grill, Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

    1. Interesting that your four entries for Best Japanese are all outside of Japan.
      Somehow it makes me doubt your entire list.
      Any reason why places in Japan weren't considered?

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      1. re: Tripeler

        Eh yes, I have never travelled to Japan :)

        But so what? As if the best French cuisine is served in France. At least not according to the latest Top 50 restaurant list. And I'm sure you'll find enough people in the NY arguing the best pizza slice is from Artichoke or Di Fara's and not from some place in Italy.

        Then again, I'm sure my list would look different if I had been to Japan.

        1. re: yosemite44

          Especially the okonomiyaki. Wait until you get to Hiroshima.

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Oh, man, Hiroshima Okonomiyaki.
            Is that ever good. Especially with oysters there, when they are in season.
            A handful of raw oysters cooked inside that thin crispy Hiroshima okonomiyaki makes it a very special chow event.
            Thanks Delucacheesemonger for the reminder...

          2. re: yosemite44

            yosemite44, you really need to get to Japan! The food there is absolutely, life-alteringly incredible. The indigenous ingredients tasted so different and so much superior there, maybe because it's absolutely fresh. I'd come across many Japanese mom-and-pop restaurants that don't believe in refrigeration - they'd use the freshest produce they get each day.

            The techniques used are different. Traditional Japanese cuisine is also very different from say, Nobu's Pan-Japanese food, which incorporates Peruvian influences.