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Apr 28, 2011 11:24 PM

Albuquerque Birthday Cake?

My sister's birthday is coming up and I need a special cake. What's the best/most creative bakery/dessert shop in Albuquerque? I'm looking for something that's not just a regular old white-icing-with-roses cake (even though I love those) and I don't want to get cupcakes. I'd even be willing to go to Santa Fe if there's something incredible there. Thank you.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'd second the Maxime recommendation, but for a slightly less customized take, I think that Flying Star's cakes are insanely good, and pricey. Essentially you get what you pay for - French butter, organic eggs, etc etc.

      1. It may not be exotic, but ABC Cake Shop is a favorite of ours.

        1830 San Pedro Drive Northeast

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          Good point, Deb - ABC is one of Gina's favorite local bakeries (she has used them a lot for business stuff) - not cheap, but great at drawing stuff on tasty cakes.

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            Thank you. I'll go by ABC and see what they've got. I know some cookies I had from there once were really good.