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Apr 28, 2011 07:08 PM

North Fork winery recs

Hello! Heading to the North Fork on Saturday. Which are the best wineries to visit? Any awful ones to avoid? Looking for something quiet, not an insane tour bus stop. Thanks!

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  1. Laurel Lake is good and its not as busy as some of the others. Raphael is scenic and may be less crowded. Same goes for Osprey's Dominion

      1. If your an aficionado hit Paumamok, Lenz, Roanoke, Bedell, Pellegrini, Jamesport. For an especially relaxing tasting go to Crouteaux--they only sell roses and serve you at a table in the courtyard. Palmer and Macari eachhas a few good wines, but you may encounter a large group. Avoid the bus groups at Pindar.

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          Love these recs, but would add Corey creek, McCall, Clovis point

        2. I can't say anough good things about Old Field Vineyard. It's quiet, very primitive and rustic, but STUNNING. The wine is great, too.

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            Old Field is our new favorite, so different and comfortable with the chickens underfoot, and very nice wines. Also Dilibertos in Jamesport, my vote as the friendliest proprietors, no one under 21 allowed (adults only) so very relaxing in a mature way. They encourage you to bring take out dinner at night and hang while the owner sings opera and chats. Lots of tables like an Italian piazza rather than the usual stand at the bar.

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              what about: Harbes Family Vineyards, Shinn Estate, Macari, Lieb Cellars, Castello de Borghese, Martha Clara, Duck Walk, Lenz Winery, Pelligrini, Sparkling Pointe, Peconic Bay, Jason Vinyard, Diliberto, Corey Creek, Clovis, McCall, Sherwood House, Laurel Lake, Bedell, Pugliese, Peconic Bay, Duckwalk...............

              which wineries have the best atmosphere, other food on the premises, reasonble priced wines, variety and quality, and are any kid friendly (not the wine part, just the atmopshere) :)


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                For kid friendly, it's hard to beat Martha Clara. Besides their menagerie of animals, they have horse drawn carriage rides through the vineyard that is more than worth the $4 or so they charge.

                Most wineries don't have food on premises, I think it's a law. As I mentioned on another thread, they do have caterers cooking outside at Baiting Hollow. That's the only one I know of, but we mostly go to these places when we have guests, so I'm not an expert.

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                  Pugliese is very kid friendly. They have a gorgeous pond, full of frogs, turtles, and big koi. That's the only winery my kids ever put up with going to...of course, they are older now, but they still like it. Wines are very reasonable too, cheaper than most NF wines, and can be very good. At least the whites. I don't like the reds at all. Then again, I am not a fan of NF reds. Aside from hating merlot, I find most NF reds very thin and harsh.)

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                  Palmer has a very good self-guided tour of the wine-making process that is perfect for inquisitive kids--also adults.

            2. LiV in Baiting Hollow is open for "tours" of the Vodka distillery.

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                One warning on LiV, the tasting room is up a gigantic steep flight of stairs so only good if you're fit and healthy! But a cool thing, nevertheless,

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                  Must be a challenge to get down the stairs after the "tasting"? Maybe they will put in a slide? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                    Ha ha, I was thinking more of an an elevator to get up. But you're right, going down afterwards could be a major problem too!

                    First time I visited, my Mom was dying to try the goods, but she had recent hip surgery and there was no way. She was so disappointed, had been looking forward to it all day. Now my husband is in a wheelchair, so I'm not even dreaming of it. Of course I could bound up the stairs by myself, but what would people think? I love my potato vodka, local or not. Wish they had some outside tables in the garden.....