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Apr 28, 2011 06:46 PM

Need restaurant recommendation in Brooklyn

I need to take three non-kosher-eating (two not even Jewish) colleagues out to dinner. It has to be on a weeknight, someplace in Brooklyn, quiet enough to have a serious conversation (we are going out to discuss work issues), not be terribly expensive, but still tasty. It can't have rude waiters, kids running around, high noise levels, or Jews behaving badly. Sorry to sound so negative; it is an important dinner, and I would like a place that would not make then uncomfortable. Discussing business matters may turn uncomfortable as it is :).
These are colleaugues who go out to eat frequently and are used to good food and good service. When I need to join them, they pick a place they like, and I would just have soda. Now they insist we go to a kosher place. Two of them have never been to a kosher restaurant. Please help!

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  1. If you want dairy, I would go to Orchidea. Really amazing service, very few kids ever there and awesome ambience.

    1. Pardes is wonderful; I think it has the best food of any of the New York kosher restaurants, while being a good bit cheaper than the fanciest of the Manhattan bunch. The tables are a little close together; I've seen the occasional baby or small child in my three visits there, but nobody has been running around. That said, the environment is pleasant, the waiter and waitress I dealt with were helpful, friendly, and not at all pushy, and I didn't experience any Jews behaving badly.

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        I second Gila's recommendation. Search this board for the write-ups (including mine) of Pardes; it's a really great place.

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          Pardes is excellent- great food, attentive service. If possible, try to make your reservation for a quieter time.. Thursday and Sunday nights are super busy.

        2. Pardes has been getting a lot of positive reviews. Orchidea is a good dairy option. Glatt a la Carte (despite its Boro Park-sounding name and Boro Park location) is actually a pretty good meat restaurant option.