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Apr 28, 2011 05:31 PM

Breafast Tea in Paris

My girlfriend and I are visiting Paris in a few weeks. She can't drink coffee (stomach ulcer), but enjoys tea. My memory of previous Paris trips leads me believe that tea for breakfast can be a bit challenging. We are staying at a small hotel, and plan on breakfasting at a small cafe nearby that we frequented on our last trip. But if memory serves correct, tea was fairly expensive - more so than coffee. What are the best options for morning tea? Is it common to order morning tea in cafes?

And other than afternoon tea at some of the fancier hotels, are there smaller tea shops (as in sitting to drink, not to purchase dried tea) that someone could recommend in the Marais area?


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  1. I'm a tea drinker and while my husband orders a proper morning coffee, I always get tea. It's widely available. If you want some really good tea, though, go to Mariage Frere or Jaques Genin.

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        And here's a bit more on "in the Marias": There are lots of other tea places that we enjoy, but we do like Mariage Frères, mentioned twice above. The 140 year-old firm offers more than three hundred kinds of tea. Bags are made by hand, the water is filtered, and the temperature carefully controlled for the different blends. We find a slightly snooty but elegant colonial ambiance in the small dining room, which is decorated with original tea-related posters from 1930s. Numerous sweet and savory dining options are offered as well. Like the linked article says, make sure to visit the Musée de thé, up the narrow stairs. -- Jake

      2. depends on what kind of tea -- regular black tea in a teabag will be about the same price as coffee (frequently the exact same price).

        The further away from "regular" you go, the further away from a regular price.