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Apr 28, 2011 05:19 PM

Aquitaine !! Wheeeeee !! Arcachon food suggestions.

Hi there !

After 10 days in Paris I will be spending 10 days in Arcachon in the Gironde at the beginning of July. I have never been before but am very very excited to go there. I have no idea what to expect but I am looking forward to eating lots of oysters and whatever else you may suggest. I understand there is a daily market first thing in the morning and I'm insanely excited about going there, but I really am looking forward to the food. Lunch and supper suggestions please !

I look forward to all your wonderful and insightful suggestions ! If you have a few oyster suggestions (and believe me I will crawl across broken glass for good oysters....I've also been known to eat my body weight in oysters...;) I would be very grateful for your suggestions.

One last request. I loved the Roger Sabon, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rhône
when I was in Paris a few years back. I had it at a restaurant and then bought a few bottles when I was in Grenoble. Is this an easy to get wine in France? I would love to buy a case and have it sent back to Canada. If anyone has better wine suggestions I am ready to learn !

Thank you,


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  1. - Chateau de Mesnac outside Cognac. Lovely b&b is also a ferme-auberge, serving its own far-fresh food and makes its own cognac and pineau des Charentes. Has only about 3 rooms. Rserve asap. Or at least try to have lunch there.

    - This addres is one of Pti's addresses tattooed on me: le Lion d'Or in Arcins north of Bordeaux.

    - Check this great thread started by Mangeur.
    If you find it useful and go to some of the places cited, pleases report back and update the list.

    1. Hi Frazier:

      Ten days in Arcachon would be a bit much, unless you are a marine biologist doing research on oyster farming. Just kidding.... Oysters from Arcachon has its share of problems the past few years, sometimes it does not pass the 'mice test' and then there is a ban and the local farmers would get very angry. It is my impression that in SW France (Bordeaux, Arcachon, Biarritz...), decent restaurants will serve oysters from Gillardeau, which are actually from La Rochelle.

      As far as restaurant recommendations, I have eaten at Diego Plage and Chez Yvette and they are good. Just curious, are you bypassing Bordeaux altogether? You'll be missing a lot if you are.

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        Lol...we found a fantastic apartment a block from the casino and beach but it only rents from Saturday to only one week with 2 days extra in Bordeaux. So if you have any suggestions for Bordeaux I would be thrilled.
        Thanks !!

        1. re: fraziershaw

          I agree that Bordeaux and its surrounding area would make a much better base, for both food and tourism. But this is quite late to rent for July.

          1. re: fraziershaw

            Regarding the Sabon wine, he makes at least 9 varieties and of course, some vintages are better than others. Hopefully you remember the version and vintage you liked, but if you like his style, you might be happy with numerous wines he produces. You can purchase it at auction from many companies like Sotheby's, but you can also get mostly recent vintages from retailers in North America and Europe. Check out for specifics, but make sure you confirm availability because I find that some companies claim availability until you order the wine.

            I'm in Bordeaux now, wondering if I should chance the oysters. I also would eat my weight in great oysters, but I am picky. I'm not a big fan of warm water oysters or Pacific oysters (off of N.A.), but I LOVE North Atlantic oysters from the US and Canada. Perhaps I'll give you a follow up report, but Oysters in May are likely to be less iffy than oysters in July....

            1. re: Buzzy2

              "I'm in Bordeaux now, wondering if I should chance the oysters. I also would eat my weight in great oysters"

              What do you mean by "chance in"? Just enjoy it.

              1. re: Parigi

                I've read that there have been health issues with the local oysters.

                This is from a couple of years ago:


                Nothing to worry about now?

                  1. re: Parigi

                    Well, if all of those people survived I guess that I should have a good chance of success. LOL Thanks for putting my mind (and stomach) to rest.

                    1. re: Buzzy2

                      You have my permission to go crazy, starting with a dozen gillardeau...

            2. re: fraziershaw

              For local, great food in Bordeaux try Restaurant Fernand on the quais next to Place de la Bourse.

          2. I'm excited for you! I lived in Arcachon many years ago, and have visited almost every year since. The "Criee" (the daily morning fish market) at the Port de Peche is extremely cool-have fun. The marche is really great in Arcachon-last time I visited it was being held in a tent by the train station while the regular covered marche was under construction. Check it out for picnics and meals in your apartment. I think it's held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I haven't been there in summer for years, and would dread it if you weren't located within walking distance of everything, but you're all set! My favorite resto is Chez Yvette, which is cozy in winter, but I'd probably prefer a terrace in July. If the traffic isn't too bad I'd pack a picnic and take the road to Biscarrosse to a bluff to watch the sun set into the Bay of Biscay, and watch the fishing boats return into the Bassin.

            Arcachon oysters are wonderful! Like all fisheries, there are times when things are off limits, but they come around again. I like the Marennes and Olerons oysters from La Rochelle too, but I wonder about the "R" month rule.

            Sorry I can't help you with the C-D-P wine-I'm a strictly Bordeaux girl! Have a ball in one of my favorite parts of the world!

            1. Currently in Arcachon now and will be until Friday. Meant to post here sooner for ideas and suggestion but things got hectic. (

              So, we went to the Port Larros yesterday and had amazing oysters. Will try to hit the Sturgeon Caviar place in Biganos this week, will hit the usual attractions (Pilat dune, Winter Town, Bird Island and lighthouse tour etc.). I also want to drive out to check on some Armagnac places and pick up a few bottles. And there will be at least one day in Bordeaux.

              Aside from the list above, does anyone have any suggestions? I heard there was some kind of truffle market on Wed in Bordeax but I lost the link, if anyone knows about it please send some info. We love all kinds of food and drink so anything goes.

              Thanks ahead of time.