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Apr 28, 2011 04:42 PM

Early roadtrip to Wineries/Tanger - where to stop for coffee/bagels?

Hey there,
We're headed out to the wineries and to Tanger early on Saturday. We'll be coming from JFK - any suggestions of where to pick up some good coffee and bagels along the way?

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  1. Although JFK is in Queens, you might be better off posting this query on the NY State board to get some responses from LI Chers since that where most of your trip will be...

    1. Looks like I'm late to post this, since your trip happened yesterday. But for others with the same question, Bagel Oasis on the LIE service road would work great.

      Bagel Oasis
      183-12 Horace Harding Expy, Queens, NY 11365