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Apr 28, 2011 03:19 PM

Dinner in St Pete

Going to St Pete soon and staying at the Hampton Inn downtown near Al Lang Field. Any suggestions on places nearby to walk too.

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  1. Right next door is Ceviche, which is a fun tapas place a historic building. Bella Brava and Ceviche are just a block or two away. If you like craft beer, check out the Ale and the Witch, which also has a nice courtyard where they often have live music. Gratzzi, a cozy Italian place, is a short walk, as is Z Grill, a very modernist spot with great food. You have more choices within a short walk than anyplace in the Tampa Bay area. Enjoy.

    Bella Brava
    515 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

    1. I like all of Mr. Scherberger's suggestions. Would toss Cafe Alma into the ring as well, though. There's also a Columbia restaurant with panoramic water views overlooking Tampa Bay at the end of the St. Pete Pier.

      Pincho y Pincho (Ceviche's cafe-style little sister restaurant) is also great for breakfast and tapas in a more casual setting.

      Cafe Alma
      260 1st Ave S Ste 100, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

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        Ditto on Pincho y Pincho! Also, a few more blocks away is Moon Under water which is a British Pub with both British and Indian dishes. And lots of beers. Then if you like on the way back, you can stop at Paciugo's for a really tasty gelato.

      2. Thanks for all the recommendations. Sounds like tapas is the best bet. Just spent some time in Northern Spain, so that will be perfect. We get plenty of good seafood here in South Carolina.

        1. I also like Zgrille, fun to sit at the bar and order their deviled eggs and dr pepper ribs. Also Crowley's is a cozy pub with good food and really nice staff.

          Enjoy your stay.